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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


A wild adventure is almost over. You're ready to go home. This is a comforting thought for a security conscious person like you. Although you enjoyed expanding your horizons, it was sometimes exhausting. You now have a chance to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. A legal matter is concluding, allowing you to devote your energy to more pleasant things. Money from a settlement will allow you to make some much-needed domestic improvements. Splash out on some hi-tech appliances. 0905 506 5525 Calls cost 75p/min from a BT Landline. RGA PO Box 322, WA15 8YL.

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These people are practical and persevering. Taureans are solid and reliable, regular in habits, sometimes a bit wet behind the ears and stubborn as mules. Their love of money and the comfort it can bring may make them very materialistic in outlook They are most suited to a practical career which brings with it a few surprises and plenty of money. However some Taureans, have a strong artistic streak which can be expressed in work, hobbies and interests.

Some Taureans are quick and clever, highly amusing and quite outrageous in appearance but underneath this crazy exterior is a background of true talent and very hard work. This type may be a touch arrogant. Other Taureans hate to be rushed or hassled, preferring to work quietly and thoughly at their own pace. They take relationships very seriously and make safe and reliable parteners. They may keep their worries to themselves but they are not usually liars or sexually untrustworthy.

Being so very sensual as well as patient, these people make excellent lovers. Their biggest downfall comes later in life when they have a tendency to plonk themselves down in front of the television night after night, tuning out the rest of the world.

Another problem with some Taureans is their 'pet hate', which they'll harp on about at any given oppurtunity. Their virtues are common sense, loyalty, responsibility and a plesant, non-hostile approach to others.

Taureans are much brighter than anyone gives them credit and it is hard to beat them in an argument because they usually know what they're talking about. If a Taurean is on your side, they make wonderful friends and comfortable and capable collegues.

Tarot Card: Queen of Pentacles

Mythological Reference is: Omphale

The image of the Queen of Pentacles depicts a sensuous-looking woman seated upon a throne which is decorated with bulls' heads, the symbol of Taurus. This sign is very appreciative of both the physical and material comfort that comes with life. They love luxury, beauty and high- quality goods. Usually peaceful and serene, the bull-like temper can often arise and collapse the calm aura. Although it does take a lot to provoke the Taurean into real anger. When kindly treated, they are steadfast, loyal and patient. On the other hand they may be stubborn, rigid and pedantic.


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Not Your Destiny: Cancer, Capricorn

Astrological Hell: Libra

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