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Sunday, July 21, 2019


Being strict, aloof and unreachable will work against you. It's better to adopt a gentler attitude towards others, especially colleagues. When people feel like they won't be punished for making small mistakes, they'll become more productive and confident. Errors will be quickly corrected. When you operate from selfish motives, the results will be less than stellar. If you adopt a collective approach, everyone will benefit. The choice is yours. Get off your high horse and work alongside the other members of the team. 0905 506 5525 Calls cost 75p/min from a BT Landline. RGA PO Box 322, WA15 8YL.

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Aries can get anything they want off the ground, but they may land back down again with a bump. Quick to think and act, Ariens are often intelligent and have little patience with fools. This includes anyone who is slower than themselves. They are not the tidiest of people and they are impatient with details, except when engaged upon their special subject; then Ariens can fiddle around for hours.

They are willing to make huge financial sacrifices for their families and they can put up with relatives living with them as long as this leaves them free to do thier own thing.

Aries women are decisive and competitive at work but many are disinterested in home-making. Highly sexed and experimental, they are faithful while in love but, if love begins to fade, they start to look around. Ariens may tell themselves that they are only looking for amusement, but they may end up in a fulfilling relationship with someone else's partner. This kind of situation offers the continuity and emotional support which they need with no danger of boredom or entrapment.

Their faults are those of impatience and impetuosity, coupled with a hot temper. They can pick a furious row with a supposed adversary, tear him or her to pieces then walk away from the situation five minutes later, forgetting all about it. Unfortunately, the poor victim can't always shake off the effects of the row in quite the same way. However, Arien cheerfulness, spontaneous generosity and kindness make them the greatest friends to have.

Tarot Card: King of Wands

Mythological Reference is: Theseus

The King of Wands is portrayed by a good-looking man seated upon a throne, which is decorated with rams' heads, the symbol of Aries. Arians tend to be outgoing, impulsive and brimful of grand ideas. They are enthusiastic and dramatic, always drawing attention to themselves. This sign certainly has a childlike spirit. While being easily angered, the rage is short-lived and grudges usually disappear not long after they were made. They can be bossy, self-centred and opinionated, but also extremely generous and basically kind-hearted. The constant quest for new goals is either inspiring or exhausting for those around them.


Perfect Partners: Leo, Sagittarius

Nearly Perfect Partners: Gemini, Aquarius Like Minded Souls: Aries

Opposites You're Attracted To: Virgo, Scorpio Learn From Your Differences: Pisces, Taurus

Not Your Destiny: Cancer, Capricorn

Astrological Hell: Libra

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 Love & Romance Reports
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