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Wedding FAQs

Wedding Gifts
I don't have very much money to buy a wedding present, what should I do?

Most couples will have registered for gifts that span many price ranges. You may be surprised to find something you can afford there. Otherwise, consider making something- your friends will appreciate the time and heart you put into your gift. If you're not the crafty type, why not put together a gift of a few kitchen gadgets tied with a pretty bow, this is just as effective as any fancy packaging.

Do I have to buy a whole place setting, or can I just buy a dinner plate?

This depends on the store you're purchasing from. If you're buying fine china, you can often purchase just one item. You may find that the couple has registered for a very expensive pattern, and thus anything more than a single item will blow your budget. Its perfectly appropriate - other guests will likely fill in by purchasing the other items. Do make inquiries before hand though, this will save a lot of embarrassment in the long run!

What if someone else gives the same wedding present?

Most registries have a very easy return policy, and may even alert the couple to the duplication before they ship it. Your friends will be able to get something else that they admire. Some wedding gift lists can appear on line and will display what has already been bought, this is a brilliant idea and saves the hassle of returning or exchanging duplicate gifts, so ask the marrying couple if this is a service provided by their gift registry.

Getting Married Abroad

We are staying at a couples/adult only resort but have guests with children will it be possible for them to attend our wedding?

The majority of adult only properties do not allow children to attend a wedding, very few make exceptions to this rule, you should always check this before booking you wedding abroad if you want children to be present.

Can we invite guests to our wedding?

Look for the fantastic offers for groups. Many of the wedding packages offer a free wedding depending on the size of your party. Your friends and relatives can even stay at other properties and attend your wedding if they purchase a day pass which will enable them to enter your hotel and use the facilities within the resort. There are some good deals out there so shop around and make the most of what different companies have to offer.

What should we do about the Sun?

You will be tempted to expose yourself to the sun in the first few days of your holiday, be careful not to overdo it. Use a high factor suncream. Brides who will be wearing an off the shoulder number choose a swimming costume with removable straps! There is nothing worse than white strap marks in your photographs. Be carfeful not to burn, use plenty of sun factor and aftersun to cool and lock moisture into the skin, there is nothing worse than peeling skin!

What should we wear for our wedding?

Cool cottons or lightweight clothes are a good idea. During mid afternoon the sun can be at its hottest, traditional dress may be unbearable and difficult for the Beach Bride to wear. Grooms wear a lightweight and light-coloured suit as this will not attract the sun as much as dark colours do. Brides think about the style choose a style which will give you maximum comfort in the heat. It really is an individual choice, casual or traditional is accepted in most locations.

Some of our documents are written in a foreign language - is this a problem?

All documents should be in English. If your documents are in another language a certified translation is required. This can be a lengthy process so please leave plenty of time.

What documentation is required for a wedding abroad?

Documentation - please check with us for full details, however, you usually need the following Passport
Birth Certificate
Divorce Decree Absolute (if applicable)
Single Status Affidavit (if applicable)
Change of Name Deed (if applicable)
Death Certificate and Marriage Certificate of Deceased Spouse (if applicable)
Age limit without parents consent in most destinations is 18 years

If I have been previously married can I travel using my maiden name?

You can use your maiden name if you have the relevant paperwork to confirm that you have officially reverted to your maiden name. You will need a 'Change of Name by Deed Poll' document from your solicitor. If you do not have the correct documentation, travelling under your maiden name will not be allowed and your previous marital name will have to be used.

Guy Kremer Bridal Q&A

Guy Kremer is a bridal hair expert and something of a legend when it comes to creating beautiful long hair and hair-up styles. He recently styled the hair for a Hair Extensions bridal campaign:

Why are Hair Extensions good for brides?
Hair extensions are ideal for brides as they can be used to add length or to create volume. #they provide the perfect combination of luscious hair whilst still looking natural, ensuring you look fabulous on your wedding day.

What advice would you give to brides thinking of wearing extensions on their wedding day?
To get the best advice and knowledge about extensions, always go to a specialist salon. You must be well advised about how extensions work, about how to deal with them and how to look after them to ensure they look fabulous both on your wedding day and throughout the honeymoon.

What is the trick to achieving a great hair-up style?
Hair should be in perfect condition and I think the trick is to keep it simple, less is more. Again go to a reputable salon and choose a stylist that specialises in bridal hair.

Do you have any tips for styling hair with extensions?
Use the correct brush,a soft bristle brush is ideal. Be careful and gentle when styling the hair and only use covered hair bands loosely dont be too rough and dont tie the hair too tightly. Its fine to do twists and chignons in the hair but make sure you are gentle and keep the style loose and natural.

What sort of style is chic for brides this year?
A chic style is a style that suits the individual bride. Its important that the stylist takes into account the brides personality, her dress and the image that she wants to project on her wedding day some brides want to go for the natural look whereas others want a more sophisticated style, it just depends on the bride and is it essential that all these different factors are taken into account by the stylist in order to find the right style.

What are your top three tips for achieving the best hair on your wedding day?

1. Visit a reputable salon and make your first appointment at least 6 weeks before the big day.

2. Bring all your hair accessories to the first appointment, have a detailed consultation and ensure you have a couple of trial styles so that the final result is exactly what you want.

Book in for a deep conditioning in-salon treatment in the week leading up to your wedding to ensure your hair is in optimum condition.

What celebrity bride do you think looked beautiful on her wedding day?
Jennifer Lopezs style was stunning when she married Marc Anthony. The gentle curls loosely pinned up looked effortlessly chic, sophisticated and beautiful.