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Winter Wedding Bells

We know that most weddings take place in spring and early summer, with the most popular month to tie the knot being June, but many people do choose to marry in winter despite the weather. After all, in our climate we can't always guarantee a lovely sunny day in August.   

There's no doubt about it though, it is sometimes harder to look your best when the colder months come. Although you may still have the remains of a tan, hair is likely to have suffered during the summer and the switching on of central heating can cause hair and skin to become dry.

If you are planning a winter wedding, do start your hair and beauty routine now. Extra moisturisation can keep hair and skin looking good and even possibly taking a supplement can help - you don't want to be down with flu on your big day.  
Unfortunately, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, which will play havoc with your looks, so do try to be as organised as you can be about your overall 'look' for the day. It is worth having several 'practice' sessions with your stylist before the big day - that way you'll be able to choose a style your happy with and your stylist will be familiar with. She will need to experiment in advance with hairpieces, headdresses etc especially if you intend to wear fresh flowers in your hair. Your florist may be able to make a 'mock-up' of your actual arrangement so that your stylist can practice with it.

It's always wise to have any cutting done a week or so in advance so you have time to adjust, and don't go for anything too radical - now is definitely not the time to find out whether a close-crop would suit you!

Get hair in good shape with pre-wash conditioners - we love Philip Kingsley's - and try to limit use of products such as mousse as these can cause build up.

Don't forget your bridesmaids or attendants. Whilst we don't want them to outshine the bride, of course, they will feel more confident and therefore more able to assist you on the day, if their styling and make-up are equally well rehearsed. Arrange an en-masse visit to the salon so that the stylist can assess their hair type and advise on what will work best.

Many brides are now hiring in a beauty consultant to do the make-up for all involved and it's an excellent idea if you can. She will bring her own products and will be far less nervous than anyone else on the day! If this is not an option then make sure you are really organised before hand. Lay out your products on a tray with baby wipes, tissues etc with your favourite brushes - you will be too busy to go in search of that make-up sponge you like, or the lipstick that tones with your blusher. If you really fancy a whole new look for the day, go to a department store consultant for a makeover. This is a good way to try new looks week in advance and costs relatively little. Make sure you let her know what the weather is likely to be like and what your accent colours are - these are often very different from the pastels used in summer weddings. 

If you are carrying a deep coloured bouquet or are having deep roses near the face you may want to deepen your lip colour for instance.
Foundation and blusher almost needs changing for winter and as many brides still wear stark white, very careful colours need to be chosen to avoid a 'washed-out' look.

If you're not a regular salon user then try to find a salon or stylist who specialise in 'wedding' hair, there are lots to choose from in all areas or get a friend to recommend one if you like her particular style.

And remember, you may need to gently remind your future 'other half' that you would not be pleased to see the males in the party looking overgrown - check that he's got a trip to the barbers firmly in the diary too!