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Best Hair Day Ever

Preparing your hair for the big day

By Pam Wrigley

your hair right takes time and research, and if you’ve planned a spring wedding you may be wondering how to update your look to suit the season. Here are a few of the best hair ‘dos’ for a spring bride, and how to make sure your big day is also your best hair day…

This season’s styles are soft, relaxed and beautiful. Effortless-looking vintage waves and textured buns are popular and they can both be made to look even more eye catching by adding a floppy bright flower secured either to the back or at the side of the hair. A bit of blossom is a great way to bring a touch of sunshine to your spring wedding!

If you really want to make a statement with your hairstyle, and if bigger is most definitely better in your book, opt for a silk flower rather than the fresh variety. Silk flowers are available in all different shapes, sizes and shades, they’re not too heavy in the hair and they have the added bonus that they’ll look great from dawn ‘til dusk...

The right wedding hairstyle for you

When choosing a hairstyle, you should show your hairdresser a mood board of all your ideas. After that they’ll need to take into consideration your dress, your jewellery and even your venue. A relaxed, tumbling style can look great in a beautiful converted barn, but may not be quite right for a black tie event in the ballroom at Claridges. Getting your hairstyle right takes time, whether you go for smooth and sleek or a soft and relaxed style, you need to find the ‘do’ that suits your face, style and personality best.

Don’t be lulled into thinking a very natural swept up hairstyle might be quicker to create. Soft and natural hair styles need lots of preparation and lots of TLC to make sure they stay looking good all day!

Wedding Preperations

When to wash your hair

Always allow plenty of time for both your hair trial and for hair styling on the big day. Your stylist will need your hair clean, but not squeaky clean. If you feel comfortable washing your hair the day before, your hair will generally be easier to style.

Of course lots of brides want to have that ‘just washed’ feeling to their hair on their wedding day. If you fall into this category, wash your hair on the morning but skip the conditioner, this will allow your stylist to work with you hair easily, your curls will last longer and your hair will stay up.

Just remember; planning, preparation and picking the best stylist you can find are the essential ingredients to making sure your wedding day is not just a good hair day, but your best ever hair day!

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