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Luscious Lashes & Shapely Brows

Rapid Lash Wedding Eyelashes
As a bride, you want that moment when your man sees you for the first time in your wedding dress, to be perfect. Eyes are the mirrors of the soul and when you look into each other’s eyes, it should be through long lashes and perfectly shaped brows.

Our eyes are our most distinguishing feature. On average, it takes just 20 seconds to make ‘a first impression’, around 12 seconds of that is spent in eye contact, trying to measure your sincerity, your trustworthiness, and even your potential as a lover! So no wonder the £4.5 billion cosmetics industry is keen to help you make the best of them!

A particularly common and distressing problem women face is suffering from thinning eyebrows and eyelashes, and as these are the features that frame the eyes, they deserve a little bit of extra attention.

Since the days of screen-sirens like Elizabeth Taylor, luscious lashes and a defined eyebrow have been symbols of beauty and a staple of ever-evolving beauty styles.

In 2013, the ‘statement brow’, as sported by the likes of Kate Middleton and Anne Hathaway has established that luscious lashes and high arches are becoming more and more essential in the modern women’s fashion arsenal.

Many women will read this and sigh at the thought of hours spent in front of the mirror wielding a brow pencil and mascara brush. Can these gorgeous lashes and brows, be realistically emulated by those of us who don’t wake up looking like Sophia Loren? Apparently so.

There are a number of ways a girl can go about getting luscious eyelashes and eyebrows, beginning with a range of simple and inexpensive over-the-counter products. Innovative and award-winning serums to make your eyes lovely again.

voluminous looking natural lashesIn 2010, an established website crashed due to an influx of orders for RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum - that has to be a good sign! Following an extraordinarily success rate of showing up to 50% re-growth in clinical trails, women have flocked to stores to pick up a tube with one being sold every minute. Applied nightly, significant results have been reported to be visible in as little as four days! Prostaglandin is the active ingredient responsible for these results, discovered when used as a treatment for the eye condition glaucoma, the side effect of eyelash growth has lead to its development as a beauty serum.

One of the major causes of thinning eyebrows is over-plucking. The more times the hair follicle is removed, the weaker it grows back, many women having suffered this as a result of over-zealous shaping in their teenage years. Similarly, eyelash follicles can become damaged from the use of fake eyelash glue. As the false eyelashes are removed, often the eyelash hairs can come away too which again, weakens their re-growth. Whatever the cause for thinning brows and lashes, be it medical treatment, aging, even infection around the eye area.