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Dream Wedding Dress

It's all about the dress

It certainly is all about the dress! Your wedding dress has to fulfil all your dreams and make you feel like a real life princess when you put it on. It also frequently defines the theme for the wedding, whether it be romantic, vintage, classic, seasonal, beach, offbeat or formal.

You probably have an idea about the style of dress you want, but itís worth considering your body type and shape, before you take the plunge! Also take someone with you, who will be totally honest, when youíre trying dresses on. After all, you want to make a grand entrance on your big dayÖ but for all the right reasons!

Your wedding dress will be photographed and documented more than any other article of clothing you own, so itís important to choose a wedding gown you love! But when you first start shopping for wedding dresses, the seemingly limitless options can be overwhelming. So first, consider the different styles of dresses available and how your own body shape will be showcased.

A Mermaid Wedding Dress
Sometimes called a fishtail style, these cling closely to your curves and accentuate your curves. Works best on tall women, will make smaller women seem shorter.

The A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress
One of the most popular and flattering choices for a bride. It evens out top heavy figures and disguises tummy bulges. Usually has a fitted bodice and then flares out with a full skirt.

Empire Wedding Dress
This style has a high waist with the dress falling gracefully from just below the bust. It looks good on slim and fuller figured brides. It is also popular with pregnant brides as it is very comfortable and flattering.

Column or Sheath Dress
This dress falls straight from the shoulders to the floor and is best suited to slim women. It doesnít flair out, but will elongate petite brides and add an elegance to taller ones.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress
This is the original Cinderella fairy-tale wedding dress. It has a fitted, often elaborate bodice, they flare out into dramatic skirts, often with layers of petticoats underneath. It looks lovely on many brides, though petite ones may look a bit lost beneath the voluminous gown.