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The Bride Groom

An Eye on the other half

The bridegroom can be a bit of a runaway train, if left to his own devices where wedding attire is concerned (or worse, the advice of his best man!) So if you want a wedding where his cravat, waistcoat and button hole are colour co-ordinated with the theme you’ve set your heart on, then make sure you talk through your wedding plans together, so you are both agreed on the style, colour and theme for your big day.

The best plan is usually to get your dress first and choose the colours of the bridesmaid’s dresses; then the detail and colour can be picked out in the groom’s waistcoat/vest and accessories.

Formal-wear outfitters will provide the best hire service, ensuring the suit fits perfectly and importantly, feels comfortable. They offer a final measure and adjustment service, a few week’s before the wedding to ensure everything is just right. This is especially important if any young children are wearing co-ordinated outfits, as they can grow out of them so quickly.

Enlisting a menswear specialist also gives you a point of contact to liaise with and puts your mind at rest regarding the choices your future hubby is making.

If things are on a very tight budget, buying ‘off the peg’ could be the answer. There is the added value, of being able to wear a smart, well-fitting suit for the wedding and also wear it again for other occasions.

Handy tips for the groom:

• Choose a waistcoat/vest with a full back, as these look more stylish when the jacket inevitably comes off at the party!

• Tying the knot! The groom should practice tying his cravat well ahead of the wedding, until he’s confident it looks good. It’s amazing how much time/panic this will save on the big day!