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Finding a hairdresser abroad

Tips For Finding A Hairdresser When Getting Married Abroad

Getiting married abroad • Start by searching on google where you are getting married and there will be websites of hairdressers, view their work on their website to get a idea of bridal styles they have done and what they can offer you.

• When you have found someone on google, email them directly to ask for their bridal portfolio and latest pictures of their work

• Check out web sites for forums for brides getting married abroad, ladies who have already had their special day and written reviews to recommend a hairdresser and also other tips.

• Also check out Tripadvisor forums on where you are getting married, (ie getting married in Cyprus wanted a hairdresser) there are always recommendations on there.

• Facebook & Twitter nowadays are the key to finding hairdressers wherever you are getting married abroad. As they will update these more regularly than their website, so you can keep up to date with their work.

• Also when you have found a hairdresser, donít hesitate to build up a relationship via email so they and you feel comfortable on your day of your trial (if required) and also on your wedding day.

• Another good tip, always try and book the hairdresser yourself, as if it is booked through a wedding planner they will be adding a commission on top, so it will cost less to go direct through the hairdresser.

• I am a hairdresser in Ibiza and love being part of peopleís special days, good luck with your search and have a fabulous day.

by Kellie Fairfield