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Bridemaid Dresses

Choosing your Bridesmaid Dress...

After selecting you own dress for the wedding youíll need to think about your bridesmaids. Depending on your budget, you can either have their dresses homemade or bought from your favourite vintage store.

What you need to consider, is how their dresses are connected to the theme of your wedding and this will clearly effect the fabrics you are going to be dealing with. Vintage and Celtic styles are going to have velvet fabrics, while classical, princess fairy tale weddings will involve more silk and satin materials.

The theme of the wedding usually influences the style of your bridesmaidís dresses and it is completely up to you as the bride, to decide if you want them in ankle length dresses or not. But take into consideration the style and shape for your girls as there is no point dressing them all in the same styled dress if they are of all different shapes and sizes. As it will just make them stand out - and you donít want your guests laughing at them and not focusing on how beautiful you look!

If your brides have different body shapes then donít panic! All you need to do, is to find them dresses that are of the same fabric and the same colour as your theme. By doing this you give your bridesmaids a bit of personality and this goes for their hair, let them personalise their hair but give them matching hair or head pieces, which will bring the whole look together by giving it that classy look.

Once you have figured out what you want for your bridesmaids, you can finally go shopping with your girls! Youíll probably have chosen the colour you want them to wear, so the next thing you should decide is what style of dress you want for them - this will include neckline, waistline and the length of the dresses.

For necklines, the most popular is the strapless dress with silk, chiffon wraps or the V-neck, sleeveless dresses. There are also Halter A-line, casual straps , scoop satin lines that incorporate ruffles and letís not forget the one shoulder dresses.

For fitted dresses that fit snugly round the waist of your bridesmaids you might want to consider dresses that have flowers, bows, ribbon or belts in the middle as this helps to break up the colour of the dress.

Finally, there are three to choose from above the knee, below the knee and the ankle-length . The length of the dress will obviously depend on your bridesmaidís height and body shape, so go shopping for the day and let them try on all the different styles to see what suits them best!

For any brides looking to break the mould. Why not try fifties-styled dresses or exotic multi-cultured looks that would work well with food, music and decoration choice.

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