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Trendy Hairstyles

Thinking about changing your hairstyle and want a new on-trend look, these gorgeous versatile styles will definitely help spice up your life, whether it be short and sassy, texturized or smooth let us give your the inspiration for your new hot look.

Textured Bob

by Xena Parsons

Looking for a new hairstyle, but want to keep your length, this layered textured bob is perfect on all accounts. Beautiful and timeless with low maintenance, you will certainly stand out in the crowd with this versatile style.

1. Inspiration…a huge trend in long hair called for something new for the woman looking to stand out in a crowd. Today’s client also wants versatility and ease in styling.
This Layered Bob answers on all counts.

2. Options… With its long layers this Bob can be worn smooth, wavy, curly or spiked out – the lengths are long enough to pin up in an up-do too.

3. Hair type… The model shown here has dense medium textured wavy hair, however, this shape can be done on fine hair to create volume. Hair with a slight wave works best ..

4. Maintenance….The style is all in the cut so it can be work natural using a bit of mousse or gel and diffusing it dry by scrunching.super low maintenance or blown dry to perfection for high-style. For an edgier look the use of a flat-iron and some styling paste will give added texture.

5. Face shape…With the soft layers this style suits any face shape; the one exception would be a square jawline where added length in the front will soften the look.

6.Blow-drying tips.. for the finish seen here the hair was dried using a sock (diffusor) attached to the end of the dryer. Apply a root lift product or medium hold gel at the root area.

Apply a soft styling mousse or curling cream to the mid-shaft and ends.

Work from underneath to avoid over-drying the top layers.

7. Colour...The hair was colored using Framesi D-Color B diamonds off the scalp lightener using the balyage technique. Next a golden wash (Framesi Eclectic9DE (gold) 30cc with 0E (clear) 30cc was applied to the entire hair to tone the highlights and add shine to the natural 6 level base.


1. Shampoo the hair with a moisture shampoo- Framesi Color Lover Moisture Rich Shampoo. Follow with a conditioner Framesi Color Lover Moisture Rich Conditioner.

2. Next apply a leave-in conditioner or primer (Framesi Primer 11) and comb thru using a wide-toothed comb.

3. Apply a root boost to the base of the hair and apply a styling mousse or curl cream to the mid shaft and ends. (Framesi BY light hold mouse)

4. Using your fingers take 1” sections and create twists starting 1 to 2”’s from the scalp. The hair will look like ringlets when completed.

5. Allow the hair to dry naturally or use a blow dryer with a diffusor or a sock to prevent frizz on the top layer.

6. When the hair is COMPLETELY dry use you fingers to soften the curl, if you do this before the hair is dry the finish will not be as defined.

**If you over dry the top layer and do not like the final finish a curling iron may be used to give a smoother finish to the curls.

7. Use a light serum to define the curls and waves and spray lightly for hold.
Framesi BY Slush Gloss Serum..Framesi BY Light-hold Mist Hairspray.

Short Pixie Hairstyles

By Leah Haberer-Schneider, for Sam Brocato Salon

Thinking of taking the plunge and going for a short hairstyle, the short pixie is super stylish and suitable for all age groups and is incredibly versatile and works for all hair types and textures.

1. Inspiration behind the style and the look:

I was inspired by Spring and the fashion that comes with the Spring season. Short haircuts are incredibly versatile and can be enhanced and accessorized with sunglasses, bright lipstick, and big earrings. This short pixie is also enhanced with a low or strapless neckline, really accentuating the model’s neck and collar bone and drawing the eye to the face.

2. Does it have dress down/dress up options?

Yes, the pixie cut is extremely versatile because of the longer length on top and can be worn many ways: from texturized and beachy to curly and playful or smooth and sleek. Many people have the idea that a pixie is limiting for different styling options, but when the lengths is kept a bit longer and you introduce different styling products and tools, the shapes and styles are limitless.

3. Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc

This cut works for all hair types and textures. Super fine hair can be volumized and made to look thick and full with volumizing products or worn sleek and straight, closer to the face. Thicker, more textured hair should be thinned out by the stylist and can be worn with lots of fun curl and texture.

4. High or low maintenance?

It is a low maintenance and easy cut to wear day to day with the right styling product but hair will need to be cut and texturized every 6 weeks to maintain the style.

5. What face shapes best suit this style?

This style is suitable for many face shapes. Another misconception is that pixie or short haircuts can only be worn on women with petite, small faces. This cut can be worn on a woman with a larger or rounder face if the top is more voluminous and the sides are worn sleeker and close to the face to help create a more elongated face shape.

6. Any important blow dry/styling tips?

Let the hair live where it wants to live… embrace cowlicks, natural texture and movement.

7. Best products for the style and colour?

Brocato Swell Volume Full Body Styling Clay, Brocato Actives Restorative Hair Fusion, Brocato Dust Uplifting Texture Powder, Brocato Big Easy Dry Shampoo.

How to style:

1. Towel dry hair to where it wants to live

2. Add Brocato Swell Volume Clay and rough dry it with hands until about 85% dry

3. Blow out the rest of the moisture with a medium round brush focusing the hair back and away from the face

4. Day 2 or 3 hair should be volumized with dry shampoo and then can be tonged with a curling iron to add in more texture and personality

5. Hair can be worn tucked behind or in front of ears. Part can be worn either way or blown back

Choppy Bob Hairstyle

by Jackie Maniaci, Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa

Fantastic choppy bob hairstyle is perfect for those with shoulder-length hair, who want to take the plunge and go for a new on-trend style with easy maintenance.

1. Inspiration behind the style and the look:

Classy and sassy for the today’s on-the-go woman

2. Does it have dress down/dress up options?

Absolutely, any PK cut are meant to have 3 looks. This look can be worn with a gym outfit to a classic little black dress and anything in between.

3. Which hair types does it work for? ie fine/thick, etc

Medium to thick will sit in the shape better. However a fine hair could also where it well with a slight shift upward with the weight line to create volume near the crown.

4. High or low maintenance?

Low maintenance because it grows out gracefully. The key to low maintenance is that the haircut is addressed every 5 weeks.

5. What face shapes best suit this style?

Any face shape can rock this haircut, however round face needs the length a bit longer below chin.

6. Any important blow dry/styling tips?

Denman blowdry for natural volume so it will fall into the shape of haircut. A round brush will take it out of its natural fall.

7. Best products for the style and colour?

Pk professional smooth reaction this will give it natural volume, sleek and hold the style. Finishing with PK Texture Shine that has Mica which makes the hair high shine.

Color- for maintenance, use PK EcoChic True Hi Light shampoo, color moist conditioner, then Elixer 11 leave in conditioner, which has 11 benefits. One of the greatest benefits for colored hair is spf protection.

How to style:

1. Apply PK Professional Smooth Reaction to wet hair

2. Wrap dry with a denman, starting at the scalp, mid shaft then ends so that you do not over dry ends

3. Flat iron mid to ends if needed

4. Use a pee size of PK texture shine mid shaft to ends to smooth frizz, texture and shine

5. Want to take it from classy to fab, add some texture with a 3/4" curling iron