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Tigi History
Tigi has been a real success in the salon products market. It was established in 1986 to provide hair care and styling products for the Toni and Guy salons, and was owned by all four Mascolo brothers. As the popularity of the Tigi brands grew, they became available from other retail sources as well as being sold through the salons.

This exposed the brands to a wider market, and advertising campaigns led to further demand for products. Tigi has three predominant brands: Bed Head, Catwalk and S-factor.

Designed by hairdressers for hairdressers
TIGI® was conceived by the Mascolo brothers providing them with the 'liquid tools' to style and finish their hairstyles. The products are promoted by hair cut 'collections' created by the TIGI® Creative Team and photographed by Anthony Mascolo who leads the image and creative side of the business.

TIGI Creative Team
The Team are globally renowned for their on-trend haircuts, (prêt a porter) and their exquisite avant-garde hairstyles, (alta moda.) Every year the Team create several collections for the 3 main TIGI brands -Bed Head, Catwalk and S-Factor - as well as other collections of commercial haircuts that are designed to inspire the salon hairdresser. The collections are key to the advanced Creative Cutting Courses taught in TIGI Academies and are also available in the form of step-by-step books and DVDs.

TIGI is a unique company and one of the things that makes it so special is the iconic Anthony Mascolo. A talented hairdresser, highly respected photographer and creator of films, shows, seminars, books, advertising campaigns and collections; he is the inspiration behind the TIGI International Creative Team.

Colour with Style

With the launch of TIGI Colour, Anthony feels the Team now have the last element to the creation of the 'total image'. He has coined the phrase: "Colour with Style" - which defines the synergy between haircut and colour, working seamlessly together to create an overall fantastic look.

As a creative team, they believe colour is an accessory to fashion. It is how they enhance the total concept. Every look they interpret uses colour to complete the cut, to strengthen the shape, enhance the texture or add a different dimension.

Bed Head Studio
Each year TIGI introduces haircut collections with progressive colour techniques as the perfect complement. Now they have TIGI Colour, fashion and technology blended together to create Colour with Style.

The creative heart of TIGI is Bed Head Studio in south London and it is from here that Anthony and Pat Mascolo (his wife) and the TIGI International Creative Team are based. Within the studio complex there is a highly creative group of people including: photographers, graphic designers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, film editors and PRs; all backed by a much valued admin team.

Inspirational Youth Programme
Another element of his philosophy is the encouragement of the next generation of hairdressers. His commitment to young hairdressers is confirmed by the running of the highly successful Inspirational Youth programme. Each year, 12 young hairdressers are selected to be part of the Inspirational Youth Team and over a 6-month period they are mentored and developed into a strong team, confident not only in their hairdressing, but also presentation skills. The finale of their training is to participate in their own show during the Salon International weekend. TIGI is much more than just a product company. It is a creative force.

"I can't emphasise enough just how important it is to keep training and educating yourself and your staff. It's the most effective way to keep motivation high, it is key to team building and in the salon it helps build a clientele, maintaining their loyalty as well as improving customer service. All this is also really important for business growth. Education keeps creativity high. Whether you are a student or a teacher you learn from the experience. At TIGI we believe in sharing everything that we do, as soon as we do it. My ethos is: 'what is new today, is old tomorrow', so I am always happy to show students our latest ideas and techniques, knowing this will push our own work to the next level. TIGI culture is founded on education and we see our global education programmes as crucial to TIGI as our products. In fact, TIGI Education is one of our most important 'brands'."

Anthony Mascolo
International Creative Director

Brand Identity
Linked to urban culture with trends derived from 'the street', the Bed Head brand's 'pick and mix' philosophy is synonymous with youth: people bent on enjoying themselves rather than spending hours on pampering.

Inspired by fashion, created by hairdressers

Catwalk by TIGI® connects hairdressing with high fashion. A recent collaboration with young British designer Christopher Kane has resulted in a new and closer connection with the world of fashion, taking Catwalk by TIGI® to a new level. The 6 products in the "Catwalk Your Highness Volume" collection, enable hairdressers to create flawlessly full styles for their clients, whilst Catwalk Curlesque enhances natural curls and waves harnessing the power of the ocean with rich botanicals that deliver extraordinary hydration and definition to all types of curls and waves.

TIGI® Colour, with its advanced technology, provides hairdressers with the tools to create a complete look for clients, combining haircuts, enhanced with colour and styled and finished with TIGI® products. The synergy of cut, colour and products results in superior hairstyling.

• Tigi was bought by Unilever for £295.2 million in 2009 and includes all the Tigi hair salon brands and the company's academies.

• Tigi and its brands continue to trade under the same names and the founders have remained to give advice as the business continues to grow.

• The purchase by Unilever has enabled Tigi to access the funds it needed to expand the business, making it a real force in the salon products market - one in which Unilever did not previously have a stake.

• TIGI® Colour contains their revolutionary technology - the product does not start to oxidise immediately when mixed with TIGI® Colour Activator™. Oxidation is delayed and occurs after the TIGI

Colour molecule has penetrated the hair shaft. Resulting in long-lasting, uniform, rich, vibrant, reflective colour.

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