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Westrow Street Lane

Fact File
Salon Name:Westrow Street Lane
Tel:0113 269 2919
Address:39 Street Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS8 1AP
No. of Staff:9
Opening Date:12/3/2013

We interviewed Jenny Pelter from Westrow Street Lane

What was your inspiration for the salon?
We wanted our salon to have a luxurious London feel, like Knightsbridge on Street Lane; a Georgian house that is warm and inviting with a touch of elegance. Our inspiration for the salon came from touring London and taking in all the beautiful shops in the area. For the interior, we looked at sumptuous fabrics and homely styles as we wanted a space that had a welcoming feel, which clients could relax and feel at home in.

Who is your role model?
In terms of business our role models are our families - they have taught us to be hard workers and to push ourselves to be the best we can be. Our creative role model is Davines International Creative Colour Ambassador, Edoardo Paludo, for colour, as he creates the most beautiful art within the hair, but keeps the elegance. We also love Sam McKnight for his creative session styling, as he brings hair to life.

Best moment? (customer base/ award winning/ promotion/ messages/recommendation)?
Opening the salon three weeks before Christmas after being told it would take us a year. We took up the challenge to halve that and, five months later, opened the door to our clients. After a lot of hard work, determination and a few tears, opening for the first time was the most amazing feeling.

Funniest hairdressing moment?
Our funniest moment to date was when, a month after opening the salon, we both realised that we had caught the extremely contagious mumps virus within an hour of each other. Our faces swelled until we were unrecognisable and both ended up having to have a week off work at the same time. This was not a great start to our business venture when we only had one other stylist! We could have either laughed or cried.

Best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
‘Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten’.

Whats the most important quality you look for in someone joining your team?
When recruiting a new member of the team, above all we look for professionalism; team players who want to help each other out and are eager to learn.

What would you like to be known for?
We wouldn’t like to choose one specific area, however we are a Colour Specialist Salon and we all love colour. There are three Colour Specialists in the team, lead by Jenny Pelter, who is Westrow Artistic Team Technical Director. We would like to be known as the go place for colour in the North of England.

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