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Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty

Fact File
Salon Name:Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty
Tel:0151 709 7974
Address:North Western Halls, Lime street, Liverpool, L1 1RD
No. of Staff:36
Opening Date:1/1/1975
Facebook:Barbara Daley

We interviewed Barbara Daley from Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty

What was your inspiration for the salon?
Before we moved into North Western Halls it had lay empty for 30 years, I remember walking in and thinking wow what a space, though at this point it had no floor, the windows were all boarded up and it basically looked like a bomb had hit, but I already knew exactly how I wanted it to look and with the help of our fantastic architects we were able to make that a reality. Its a great mix of classic and contemporary which still gives me that wow feeling every time I walk in the morning or turn the lights off and close the doors off at night!

Who is your role model?
Iíve never really had a role model. Iíve always liked other peopleís work but itís only ever inspired me to do better. I couldnít really single one person out as so many people have inspired what we now do in the salon today.

Best moment? (customer base/ award winning/ promotion/ messages/recommendation)?
My proudest moment was opening Northwestern Halls. We had to move from our old premises, which we loved, because of regeneration in the area, and then it was such a rollercoaster to get to where we are today. It took 2 years of planning and so many adversities, not least the restrictions of having a listed building, but I still cannot believe how beautiful it is and receiving Leading Salons of the World status this year just proved that it was all worth it.

Funniest hairdressing moment?
A bald man coming in asking for highlights, he still comes in now and it takes 20 minutes to tell him NO!

Best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
Have your name over the door, be answerable, be proud of everything that goes out the door, if your name is on it you are responsible and you will go further to make sure itís the best. Also do what you love doing and it will never be hard work, and thats what I have always done.

Whats the most important quality you look for in someone joining your team?
Passion and enthusiasm and someone who can smile.

What would you like to be known for?
Honesty, for the quality of our work and the reputation of our colour work.

What couldn't you live without?
My family and fantastic team without them nothing that we have achieved would be successful!

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