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Fact File
Salon Name:Ishoka
Tel:01224 641900
Address:11 Albyn Terrace, Aberdeen, AB10 1YP
No. of Staff:42
Opening Date:1/1/1996
Facebook:Ishoka Hair

We interviewed Philip Bell from Ishoka

What was your inspiration for the salon?
I wanted to have a salon with a strong reputation that meant clients didnít feel that they had to go to London or Glasgow or anywhere else to find great hairdressing standards. It then progressed to wanting an environment that was an experience in itself. Iíve always believed that great Hairdressing and welcoming salons are a winning combination.

Who is your role model?
My hairdressing role model has always been Trevor Sorbie. Creatively, he was always coming up with something new and exciting. I also admire the creative drive of Anthony Mascolo.

Best moment? (customer base/ award winning/ promotion/ messages/recommendation)?
The opening of each salon was amazing and so different. Of course, winning Scottish Hairdresser of the Year and my partner Kathryn winning Afro Hairdresser of the Year and making the Hall of Fame was amazing.

Funniest hairdressing moment?
I honestly canít pick just one, weíve had so many. When we get together Iím like the tribe elder, responsible for passing on the Ishoka stories to the youngsters, who Iím sure donít find them nearly as funny as the people who experienced them!

Best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
Go to as many seminars / learning opportunities as you can and take as much as you can from them. Even learning one thing at a time is progress.

Whats the most important quality you look for in someone joining your team?
Attitude and eagerness to learn.

What would you like to be known for?
In hairdressing I would like to be known as being a great hairdresser who shared everything that I had ever learned with anyone that wanted to learn. I have no time for people who donít teach or share their knowledge and skills with others. In life, Iíd like to be known just for being a good guy.

What couldn't you live without?
At this stage in my life I canít imagine living without my work, and I could never do without my friends.

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