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MatthewDavid Bespoke Hairdressing

Fact File
Salon Name:MatthewDavid Bespoke Hairdressing
Address:80 Duke Street Mayfair London
No. of Staff:8
Opening Date:1/11/2011
Facebook:MatthewDavid bespoke hairdressing

We interviewed Matthew David from MatthewDavid Bespoke Hairdressing

What was your inspiration for the salon?
My inspiration for the salon was to provide the highest level of services that once began in the old school ere of hairdressing with icons such as Leonardís of Mayfair. Having my own salon, I knew I could achieve expectations of clients needs and requirements having no boundaries or limitations in looking after souley the client. I wanted to create a relaxed, open house and homely atmosphere not only for clients but also for the team working within the business.

Who is your role model?
After reading many hairdressing books from educational, fiction and non fiction, one of the most iconic masters of hairdressing was Leonardís of Mayfair. He was one of the first successful stylists renowned for creating styles for the rich and famous in the first ever luxurious salon where most of todays well known, respected and sought after stylists and colourist were lucky enough to start there career in the hairdressing profession.

Best moment? (customer base/ award winning/ promotion/ messages/recommendation)?
I have had many great moments and achievements throughout my career from the first day of qualifying to opening a salon in Mayfair. However above all, having a team of people who want to work with you from specialist colourists to in house traditional barbers, knowing they want to help to strengthen the brand must be up there at the top. Not only my team but our clients are amazingly special. If it wasnít for the demand of clients visiting the salon we wouldnít be able to achieve what we have so far.

Funniest hairdressing moment?
When opening your own salon/business your mind set changes, you find the energy to work harder, longer hours and extra days. One morning I was on my way to work as normal following the usual morning routine. It wasnít until I reached the salon I realised it was Sunday, we didnít open Sundays. I knew something felt strange when I didnít have to que for my morning coffee in Starbucks. I had a little embarrassing chuckle to myself, I also never told the staff about the ordeal until now.

Best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
Since opening the salon I find many people like to give advice or share their ideas about the salon. Although I listen to everyones ideas and thoughts I think it is extremely important to remember that the best piece of advice anyone has given me has come from my father. Never let anyone judge a situation they have never been in. It means it is up to yourself to make the decisions you believe are right, as you are not reaching a final goal but you are living the dream.

Whats the most important quality you look for in someone joining your team?
There are a number of qualities We look for when searching for a new team member to join our exsisting team. Someone who can bring something to the salon/brand ie:- excitement, ambition, loyalty, trust ect,,, Itís important to find someone who is prepared to listen and be taught. Itís not important to me if someone looks the part or not, itís about if I think I can get the best quality performance from the individual.

What would you like to be known for?
Iíd like to be known for opening a luxury salon in Mayfair providing the highest level of training to all staff. For creating a bespoke cutting and colouring service for todays professional individuals and for having a quality team.

What couldn't you live without?
There are three things I just couldnít live without. 1. My FAMILY have always been there to support me in my crazy ideas and ambitious ventures. 2. No matter how hard you work you must always be in control of your HEALTH. Knowing when to take time out is important. 3. Of course, HAIR, without it all us hairdressers would be out of work !!!

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