Jo Hansford

Marie Claires "first lady of colour" and described by American Vogue as "the best tinter on the planet" this is one lady that the hairdressing industry has had to take note of! A true hairdressing legend, Jo Hansford MBE has a celebrity client list which include Elizabeth Hurley and HRH Duchess of Cambridge. She is "the" leading authority in hair colour and her reputation is global, with 20years of hairdressing excellence and an incredible business drive along with her daughter Johanna, Jo has won countless awards. The Jo Hansford Salon nestled within the heart of Mayfair is one of sheer opulence, you can be sure you will be stunned by the beautiful styles and colours that are created by the exceptional talent of the Jo Hansford Team. With a huge following of international clients, Jo and her team have proved over the last 20years that they are able to work magic, very famous for their Colour Excellence they are the celebrity place to visit in a crisis, Colour Correction is part of their excellence. When you visit this salon expect pure pampered luxury with an industry leading artistic team, they are the number one place to go for Colour.