Morella Hair Long Brown Hairstyles

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A Long Brown Frizzy Curly Womens Hairstyle from The Arsenicus Collection by Morella Hair on Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Morella Hair

Hairdresser: Montse Morella & Morella Hair Center
Reciclaje: Mikel Estupiñá, Pere Estupiñá
Make-up: Lorena Erre
Styling: Montse Morella, Moda El Costurero Real
Photography: Jandro Revert
During Victorian era, some women wielded a great power in the shadows of a society which still questioned their rights. Some of them went beyond and plotted slow and cruel revenges using arsenic for their murders, getting rid of those that betrayed them, that were not loyal to them or disagreed with their values.
Arsenicus is a collection that honors all the women of the world, inspired by the Steampunk clothing and complemented with a futuristic look. Clothing from the past, and locks from the future. Hairpieces with recycled hair, worked with geometric shapes that construct volumes around the face with natural colors. The fresh and clean make-ups brighten the skin and highlight the best of each style. The matt shades contrasted with bright tones give as a result a completely satin skin. The clothing intensifies the feminine forms, accentuating the hips and the bust. The complements are inspired by the steam engines from the beginning of the 20th century, and the lethal weapons able of changing the sensitivity of the human beings.
Arsenicus carries us to the future with the best that the past has taught us. Volumes, textures and geometric forms bind history and styiling together into the women of the 21th century.

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