Milk Shake long brown Hairstyles

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A Long Brown Straight Womens Hairstyle from The Milkshake Decolines Collection Collection by Milk Shake

Milk Shake

Milkshake decolines collection
Hair: Milk_Shake Artistic Team
A collection characterized by stylistic perfection and expressed through the fusion of volumes and shapes.
Geometrical shapes and random volumes.
Contradiction does not exist. Just like the deco woman who can be as strong as a soldier, yet as feminine as a muse at the same time, hair fashion blends authoritarian order and creative innovation all together. Three proposals for every muse that evolve and take up the perfect stylistic lines of deco lines, the abstract fashion of deco style and the practical volumes of your deco.

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ryann gol

  omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so unique! looks lkike a sun hat so u dont hafta wear one! lol! i love it love it love it love it.....did i mntion i love it????