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Hairstyles for Square faces

Hairstyles for Square faces Your perfect hairstyle:
Your style options are surprisingly sexy…

A style, which is feathered at the top and soft around your ears, is an instant disguise for a square jaw. As a rule of thumb: if a stylist suggests a cut that's above your jaw line, go elsewhere. Really short cuts will exaggerate the squareness of your face shape.

Hairstyles for square faces• Fine hair? A long poker-straight cut is absolutely perfect and soooo flattering for a wide jaw.

• If you have curly hair: coax soft, sexy, textured layers around your face to soften your strong features.• Your fringe options: Most hair types, except curly, will be able to take a fringe that touches the eyebrows and which is longer and layered at the sides. But if your hair's thick or frizzy, layer the fringe throughout to thin it out. Look at the way Victoria Beckham does a great job of disguising her square jaw: she simply sweeps fine pieces of hair just over her forehead and eyes.

• Colour you sexy: Lightening hair all around the face will soften a square face.

Long straight styles that accentuate square jawbone. "Linear" straight bangs or center parts. A straight bob ending at the jaw line is the wrong thing to do for your face shape. You can wear a layered bob, however it should end above or below the jaw line. Make sure in styling that you achieve some roundness to the shape and some height at the crown or bangs, and you will be on the right track.

Other Square face celebrities include:
Kristin Scott Thomas, Holly Marie Combs, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Isabella Rosellini

This stylish bob leaves gentle layers and wisps falling towards the face and combines with varying red hues to create a soft, face-framing bob. Glossy, vibrant and undeniably flattering

These golden blonde locks fall softly around the face and cleverly conceal the corners of the forehead to draw attention away from the angular shape. The long, flowing curls fall gently below the jaw line keeping the face elongated.

A long, glossy side swept bob is perfect for a square face shape. The side sweep breaks ups the boxy outline of the face and the side parting draws attention to the middle of the face. The layers cleverly fall below the jaw to soften the sharp jaw line.

Loose, texturized curls combined with this full, side-swept rounded fringe embrace the angular lines and cleverly frame the face. This bob is top heavy and balances out the strong jaw line whilst the rounded fringe hides the corners of the forehead.

Sensationally long, glossy tousled tresses with a strong deep centre parting look stunning on the more boxy face shapes. The combination of grown out bangs that fall below the jaw line and the height around the crown created by some simple teasing ensures that the face is elongated and absolutely flattered.

Glamorous, tousled tresses work the side swept long fringe and red carpet curls to fall around the face and flatter the angular lines.

It breaks many of the rules, however, this top heavy bob looks stunning on a square shaped face. The subtle side sweep and the understated ombre colouring draw the eye away from the jaw line and towards the eyes.

An elegant quiff elongates the face and ensures this short pixie is perfectly suited to those wishing to draw attention away from a square face.

Old school Hollywood glamour is all about beautiful, polished and super glossy locks. This style grips you with its face flattering features that would suit every face shape. It is most suitable for a square shaped face as the ombre colouring draws the eye away from the jaw line and the big curls balance out the angular lines. Perfect look!

Angelina Jolie is without doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her square jaw line is softened with loose, gentle, elegant curls and soft, sophisticated layers that frame her face. Big hair don’t care. These sensational waves and rose pink hair make a huge statement and are well suited to balancing a square shaped face.

Miss Moss flatters her square face with soft, texturized waves and gentle layers that begin to work their way down from the forehead

This short, sophisticated and elegant look is perfect for a more mature lady with a boxy face shape. The height and body surrounding the forehead keep attention well away from the jaw line.

A beautiful, soft and stylish look that once again uses a lot of height on top to elongate the face. Short sides with hair sleeked back embrace the angular face and keep this style fresh and contemporary.

Rich reds, the deep side swept parting and an asymmetric cut keep this square face looking sensational. Soft cutting that conceal the out angles are perfect to add roundness and conceal the harsher lines of a square shaped face.

A full, heavy rounded fringe works well with this below the chin bob to detract from an angular face and create a rounder illusion. Attention is immediately drawn towards beautiful big eyes and away from the harsher jaw line.

This sultry rich, dark chocolate hairstyle uses body, waves and deep layers to conceal such a strong face shape. Beautiful hair falls directly towards the cheek bones and conceals sharp corners creating the illusion of a more heart shaped face.

Soft wisps of hair that gently fall towards the face are super flattering and face framing. A deep side swept fringe and top heavy cut are well suited to the square shape and whilst the cut ends at the jaw line, the hair cleverly frames the angular features which suggest a more oval shape.

A side parting and tousled asymmetric bob is a stunning cut for a square face shape. As one side of the hair is cut to the jaw line and the opposite side falls below, this cut completely changes the balance of an angular jaw line.

We just love the deep purple red colour. The ultra sleek and uber glossy look is absolutely head turning. With the clever use of sharp lines and soft rounded fringes this hairstyle works its way around and softly frames each and every angle of the face. The long piece to the side is a stylish and contemporary way to elongate the face.

Styles suitable for Square Faces...
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