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Hairstyles for Oval faces

Hairstyles for Oval FacesYour perfect hairstyle:
you lucky thing- any style will look good on you.....

If you have long, thick, curly hair, ask your hairdresser to cut it so the curls are looser, to take the thickness out. Then sweep the top part back for a soft, flirty romantic look. Hair not so long? A short, messy style is ideal - give it shine with a serum (Cosmo Hair loves L'Oreal Studio Line Hyper Charged Pumping curls, £2.99). Want to get rid of your curls? Chop them out with a short, messy crop.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces• Fine Hair? If you'd like it long, ask your stylist for soft layers throughout. It's the best way to add volume - and sex appeal. If you want to go super short, you're in luck. Your hair texture and face shape is ideal to carry off one of the catwalk's favourite styles.

• Medium-textures hair? Try a flirty, flicky razor cut - for inspiration, see Trish Goff… she cuts her own! Too edgy? A short bob longer at the sides and shorter at the back would look wonderful.

• Fringe options: If you have thick hair, you could go for a sexy short fringe or one that's long and blunt. For fine hair, a long wispy fringe is for you.

• Colour you sexy: Ask your stylist about low lighting the hair around your face to accentuate your oval shape.

Covering up your "perfect" features with heavy bangs, or too forward-directed styles.
In wearing your hair style on your face, you'll lose your face shape behind the hair. It may appear to add weight to your face.

Other Oval face celebrities include:
Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Mariah Carey, Cindy Crawford, Heather Locklear, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox Arquette, Elle MacPherson, Tyra Banks.

This short, textured pixie cut is stunning for an oval shaped face. The deep side swept fringe and above the ear crop cleverly draw attention to beautifully defined cheek bones and a sharp jaw line.

The oval face shape can carry off this thick brow skimming fringe and lusciously beautiful hair. We love the soft waves, masses of texture and the clever layering that falls below the jaw line to prevent the style from becoming weighed down.

A super elegant and chic platinum pixie is well suited to the oval faceshape. This is a hard look to perfect and those with oval face shapes are lucky enough to be able to carry this off. The slight height on top and side wisps draw attention to the eyes and cheek bones.

Big and beautiful, maxed out hair is always a winner and of course suits the oval shaped face. The rules are to keep the hair looking ultra healthy, super glossy and extra shiny, add texture using layers and waves to prevent long hair adding too much length to the face.

Short side swept crops are a beautiful complement to an oval faceshape! This blonde, layered crop is stunning. The longer, forward swept fringe and clever precision cutting has drawn focus towards the models eyes and jaw line.

Half up half down dos are a look of the season and a great style for an oval faceshape. Try to keep gentle waves and a small element of texture in the look to prevent elongating the face and use the height at the crown to draw attention to the eyes.

Halle Berrie carrys off short cropped hair cuts fearlessly. She is know for her flawless bone structure and is able to work this ultra short texturised crop sensationally. Beautiful woman!

Beyonces perfectly formed oval shaped face suits every style. The smooth, glossy shine, the soft curls that begin at cheek bone level and the centre parting all highlight her beauty.

Jennifer Anniston has an oval face shape and is absolutely the queen of hair, she has never been known to fail. This style is perfect for her oval shaped face, slightly shorter at the back, centre parting and longer layers that fall at the jaw line are all well suited and prevent the style drawing out the length of her face.

This is an ultra current bob to and difficult to carry off without an oval or long shaped face. The slightly below the ear cut, with volume, body and that gently curved fringe all shape an oval shaped face beautifully reducing the length and adding curve. The platinum colour just adds to the statement.

Long, healthy locks work on oval face shapes but the key to success if to keep hair texturised, full of body and shaping the face. The centre parting and clever twists that draw hair away from the hair line are a chic way to show off the most fortunate shaped face.

Curls, body, volume, texture and a cleverly cut short bob highlight the models features and create a sophisticated and interesting style. This look is well suited for a more mature style.

Playful, chic, current and ultra femimine we love everything about this hairstyle. Long hair has been used to create a faux bob style updo, using braids, a side swept fringe and hair accessories to frame the face.

A soft, effortless and feminine short hairstyle that gently falls around the oval face and enhances the individual features. The creamy platinum colour is absolutely on trend for the season and keeps the style current.

A cutting edge hairstyle that works an oval shaped face to its true potential. This icey platinum, absolutely on trend short hairstyle uses a thick, blunt, brow skimming fringe and an intense high impact cut to enhance the beautiful features of an oval face shape.

A creamy golden blonde short hairstyle that perfectly frames the models oval face shape. Short hairstyles are so difficult for many to carry off yet for those with an oval faceshape they look fantastic. A long sweeping fringe falls around the eyes and wisps that land on the cheek bone keep the look sensational.

Super smooth and high sheen short hairstyles are current and head turning. This cut gently frames the faces and draws attention towards the eyes and away from a longer forehead.

A retro red, ear skimming bob with a short eyebrow skimming fringe is one statement style. This is a truly head turning look that would work only on an oval or long face shape. The look detracts from a longer forehead and draws all the attention towards the eyes, jaw line and cheek bones.

Rich, deep red long hair with beautiful big curls and height on top is well carried off by an oval face shape. The hair falls elegantly and frames the face and the curls falling inwards around the shoulders stops the face from looking too long.

Styles suitable for Oval Faces...
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