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Your Team

Thorough consideration should go into the structure of your people planning – your management team and your employees. If you can see any foreseeable weaknesses then you should try to deal with them as effectively as possible.

For this part of your business plan you should talk specifically about your team members and how they fit into your business. For example, give background details on your stylists like how long they have been in the business and what qualifications they have. Ideally, you want your management team to have varied range of skills and experience to make the team as balanced as possible, which will lead to the greater success of your salon. You should also talk here about what you plan to pay your employees and what benefits, if any, you would like to offer.

This part of your plan should also talk about any training schemes you intend to run or recruitment days. You should probably provide the timescales of these and how much it would cost your business. You should be honest about your workforce. If you feel that motivation or absence is an issue or could potentially be one, then include your ideas about how you would overcome this.