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Marketing and Sales

The fourth part of your plan should concern marketing and sales. This should discuss how you intend to sell your service and the products you may sell in your salon. You should invest some valuable time into this section as it is important that once you are up and running you can actually enter the market immediately and start building your self up as soon as possible. This time should also be used to make sure that your whole plan is achievable.

This part of the plan should answer the following questions:

• How will you create your marketing strategy? i.e. how will your service be positioned in the market?

• What are your customer’s needs? Who are your customers? If anybody has shown an interest in you setting up your salon in a particular area, include any details and talk about how you will attract new customers to your salon.

• How will you price your service and products?

• How will you promote yourself? Look into sales methods, for example, PR, emails and advertising.