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Hair Straighteners

Choosing a hair iron

It's worth investing in a good quality straightening/styling iron. More often than not, a cheap iron will damage your hair because it's made with poor materials. Professional hair irons feature the most advanced technologies; they have higher-quality plates and maintain higher, more consistent temperatures, which all add up to higher-quality results.

When choosing an iron, it's important to consider your hair type and length, as well as what you're planning to use it for. Most people use their iron to straighten their hair, but if you're going to do more styling than straightening you should choose a narrower plate. The following chart will help you decide which iron is best for you.

Hair type Plate size Temperature
Thick, Coarse, Curly Above shoulders: 1 - 1½"
Shoulder length: 1 - 2"
Below shoulders: 1½ - 2"
180ºC - 210ºC
Normal, Medium, WavyAbove shoulders: ½ -1¼"
Shoulder length: 1 - 1½"
Below shoulders: 1¼ - 2"
160ºC - 180ºC
Thin, FineAnyBelow 160ºC
(finer hair = lower temperature)
Depends on length & type
Below 140ºC
(use lowest setting for most damaged)

If you notice frizz, dry ends or breakage the iron may be too hot. For fine hair, experts suggest starting at the lowest possible temperature setting and then, if necessary, gradually increasing it until you find the temperature that is right for your hair. For other hair types, start at the lowest temperature in the recommended range and work up, if necessary.

Plate technology

It's easy to get confused, so hopefully this glossary will help:

Ceramic - produces negative ions, duffuses heat and seals the hair cuticle for shiny, frizz-free hair.

- styling irons with this feature create negative ions. Dry, damaged hair carries a positive ionic charge, which stop it looking its healthiest. When positive and negative ions collide they neutralise each other, which is good for your hair, giving smooth and shiny results.

- a gentle heating method that penetrates the hair shaft without causing damage. It helps to balance ions and give smoother, frizz-free results.

- an advanced smoothing and styling technology infused into the plates. Usually works with another technology such as Nano Titanium or Nano Silver.

- eliminates bacteria on the plates and your hair.

- straightens hair quickly, maintaining consistent heat levels to prevent hair damage.

- a semi-precious gemstone that produces six times more negative ions than ceramic. It's often infused into ceramic plates to produce an even straighter, shiner finish.

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