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Hair Driers

Great hair styling starts with the right hair dryer...

If your hair fights back while you’re drying it and it requires a lot of product or straightening afterwards, the chances are your hair dryer is in need of an update.

Hair dryers have come a long way in recent years and a good quality one will dry your hair without drying it out. Old dryers don’t provide even heat and work by blowing hot air over wet hair and evaporating the water.

Using these on a daily basis can cause brittle and damaged hair, as they literally boil the moisture out of your hair (remember that horrible hot hair smell?) This leads to more frizz, more flyaway and more frantic over straightening to make it all go away!!

The latest breed of dryers use ceramic heating technology, this is kinder to your hair because it dries through radiant heat. Warming your hair until the water evaporates, so much gentler than over heating. Modern dryers are powerful tools, but also amazingly gentle on the hair.

The right hair dryer really does make all the difference to the style you want to achieve. Hairdressers put their trust in Professional dryers that give them all the best features at their fingertips.

Jargon busting look at the functions/features of dryers

Power Rating: Dryer power is rated by their wattage. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the heat and airflow. These range from 1200w for travel dryers, through 1800w, 1900w, 2000w, 2100w, 2200 right up to 2,500w for time efficient, extra power drying.

Heat/Speed: Most professional dryers have a choice of heat settings between 2 and 4. The hotter/faster settings are used for rough drying to save time and the slow ones for more controlled style creation.

Speed is the rate of airflow through the dryer and is measured in cubic metres per hour, for instance a Parlux Compact 3200 has an airflow of 69 cmph, while the Gamma Piu 3500 Tourmalionic has an airflow of 115cmph.

So the faster the airflow, the quicker your hair will dry. Don’t worry about the science bit, just select a higher power rating if you want a speedy drier.

Compact: These dryers are generally smaller and more lightweight than standard ones. They still come with most of the features of their bigger brothers, but will have a reduced airflow. Many top stylists prefer these, as they are easy to handle and use.

Ion Field:
The main difference between ionic hair dryers and regular hair dryers is that ionic hair dryers release negative ions, while traditional hair dryers release positive ions. If you want to reduce static and frizz, try an ionic hair dryer. If you have limp hair and desire more volume, a traditional hair dryer will probably be more useful.

Negative ions released by ionic hair dryers (as well as ionic hair straighteners) reduce static and frizz. They do this by breaking down the positive water droplets into smaller particles. This dries the hair faster, which reduces heat damage. It also helps to seal the hair strands and lock in moisture.

Cold Shot: When styling is nearing completion, the cold shot button rapidly cools the hair down, sets it in position and smoothes the hair cuticle. This feature is also handy if you are using standard rollers or heated rollers.

Before removing the rollers after heating, use the cold shot to remove any residual heat, this will make the curls last longer and hold their style.

Ergonomic: A lot of research has been put into developing dryers that are comfortable to use and fit the hand with easy access to the function switches. Especially important for stylists who spend many salon hours drying and styling hair, a good ergonomic design stops any strain.

Lightweight: All our dryers have their weight detailed in the descriptions and extra lightweight models are highlighted. It’s something to consider before your purchase as it’s important to choose a dryer that meets all your requirements.

If you’re drying your own hair, and holding your arms up, you may prefer a lighter model than a stylist who stands with their client sitting in front of them.

Filter: Many dryers have removable filters, so if dust and bits of hair get caught up in the airflow, they can easily be cleaned to maintain optimum performance and airflow.

Tips for Drying hair

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal, then according to the look you want to achieve add your styling product.

For a sleek, smooth finish work some thermal defence spray through your hair before you start drying. Add a nozzle to the dryer after initial rough drying, this will concentrate the airflow in one direction (oops… mind back on the article girls….. I know Harry Styles has just diverted your attention!!)

If you want to style your hair with more body and volume, add styling mousse/cream to protect hair and give extra hold. Then use a combination of settings and dry individual sections, lifting with a brush. For extra oomph, dry with your head upside down and work down the lengths of hair.

For curly, scrunchy styles, add a diffuser to your dryer to spread the heat without disturbing the style. There are wide ones made for your choice of dryer, or trending recently, is the Corioliss Sock Diffuser which fits most dryers and makes scrunchy, curly styles a doddle.

The higher the speed of the dryer the less time you’ll need to use it - so there is less chance of heat damage to your hair. The hottest setting is best used for rough drying, as this speeds up the whole process.

While drying your hair, try to keep the hairdryer at least 6 inches away from your hair. This will still give you a good concentrated airflow, but without the risk of burning your scalp or tangling your hair.

Hot Brush for Styling hair

There is another hot air option for styling and drying your hair and that’s the thermal brushes/airstylers. These are best used on hair that has already been rough dried or for adding style to dry hair.

Prepare your hair with a non sticky thermal defence product, so the airstyler will glide easily through your hair.

They are perfect for shaping, straightening or building volume and lift. Some have ionic technology to give hair the ultimate shine and glossy finish.

Others have interchangeable heads for different effects.

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