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Jonathan Andrew Hosts Men’s Masterclass for ClubStar Art Team

Men’s hair was the focus of the second session for the 2019 ClubStar Art Team.

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s youngest education program – the ClubStar Art Team – enjoyed a masterclass in men’s hairdressing from award-winning hairdresser, Jonathan Andrew.

Jonathan, who has recently been named Global Brand Ambassador for Fudge Professional, invited the team to Fudge HQ for a day of men’s mentoring.

With countless accolades for his men’s hairdressing work under his belt, Jonathan was perfectly equipped to share some of his techniques and trend insights with the ClubStar Art team.

His session focused on styling men’s hair for shoots – a fitting session, as he will be art-directing a shoot for the team later on in their year. Working with four male models, Jonathan showed how to transform styles and how to transition between looks for a seamless shoot experience. “The best part of the day was Jonathan showing us how to style hair multiple times in a photoshoot without changing the cut,” says team member Jemma Clemas.“I learnt so much about the technicalities that come with doing a photoshoot, and lots of great tips on how to get the best out of your model.”

As well as seeing Jonathan’s models and hearing about his shoot experience, the team also presented their own moodboards as they start to prepare for their own upcoming shoot.

“Jonathan broke down in great detail what makes the perfect
says team member Stuart Kimber. “For me, the biggest realisation was that it’s not always the big budget shoots that make the most impact and win the awards. It’s the thought process behind the shoot and working with the right team that makes the best collection.”“I also learnt to save the crazy work for being in stage,” he adds. “Stage work is in the here and now, but a good collection lasts a lifetime – so it’s important to make it classic and beautiful.”“This has already been hands down the best experience of my hairdressing career,” concludes Stuart. “Working with our mentor Simon Tuckwell and the team has really opened my eyes to what this industry has to offer. I’ve become a much more confident stylist both inside the salon and out.”

ClubStar Art Team 2019
Jemma Clemas, Seckingtons Hair Salon
Ciara Darcy, Bad Apple Hair
Eloise Dudley, Toni&Guy
Georgina Kemnitz-Pryor, Karoliina Saunders Hair Design
Stuart Kimber, Spargo Hairdressing
April Mash, Strangeways
India Sparacia, Sculpture Salon
Sophia Tsilidis, Headmasters Soho


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Project X Meets HAIRDOTCOM

The Project X team spent their second session with the HAIRDOTCOM team.

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing is all about giving back, and that’s precisely what happened when the HAIRDOTCOM team took on mentoring duties for the 2019 Project X team.

HAIRDOTCOM is an innovative new hairdressing art and education team, formed by a collective of hairdressers that include some key Fellowship figures. Representing the team on this occasion were former F.A.M.E. Team members Ashleigh Hodges and Matt Gavin, as well as current F.A.M.E. Team student Alastair Jubbs and freelance stylist Rebecca Wilcox. Together, the four stylists took the Project X students through an inspiring day of hands-on learning covering use of hair pieces, avant-garde creativity and moodboarding.

“I loved watching the experts in action,” says team member Emma Male of Em2. “Seeing them use hair pieces and learning how to make a base for attaching them to your model was fantastic. We used materials including plastic, wool, cotton, glue and hair, of course, to create some amazing looks.”

As well as getting creative, the Project X Team also heard about Ashleigh and the HAIRDOTCOM team’s journey to success.
“Learning how Ashleigh’s team had evolved and hearing their stories was incredibly inspiring,” continues Emma. “They encouraged us to follow our passion, which is something the Fellowship is devoted to.”

As well as hands-on skills, the team also walked away feeling inspired to create and to push themselves to explore new ideas.
“I now know more than ever that’s important to always be yourself,” says Dani Ball from Headquarters salon. “Don’t follow other people’s work; know what direction you want to go in as a hairdresser and use your own creativity to create amazing things. I’m going to take everything that I learnt, and strive to make my own work even more visual and exciting.”

Emma agrees, adding: “I’ve learnt to relax into my thoughts and let my passion flow – not to force it. I’m going to spend more time creating from now on, and use my spare time to play around with ideas. I’ve also gained some amazing contacts today, and will be reaching out to them for advice and guidance, as well leaning on the rest of the team for support.”

Project X 2019

Charlotte Johnson, The Annexx
Clare Hatherill, The Chapel
Dani Ball, Headquarters
Emma Male, Em2
Janene Hawkins, Heavenly Hairstyling
Krysia Eddery, Perfectly Posh Hair
Harlee Gresty, Lewis Moore Salons
Phillipa Lee, Yaxley Hair & Beauty
Dan Law, Lara Johnson Lifestyle
Rory Mason, Ashley Gamble
Zara Clelland, Marc Antoni

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Since they launched in 2009, KeraStraight have continuously raised the bar with their range of industry leading treatments that transform and transcend, giving hairdressers the strong and healthy canvas they need to delight their clients and deliver their best ever hair.

Now it’s 2019, and clients want much more.

Enter the #KeraStraightCollective, an exciting new team of creative superstars who will shape the next generation and beyond. As KeraStraight founder, Jez Barnett explains:
“We’re putting together a team of creatives who have a vision and a voice and want to showcase their amazing talents. They’ll also be an integral part of the development of our next generation of innovative treatments and products.”

Partnering with the creative powerhouse at Trevor Sorbie, KeraStraight are offering hairdressers nationwide the chance to become part of a hair revolution.
Members of the Collective will be able to tap into the creative genius of the Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team, led by Tom Connell and Ryan Forsythe. Tom & Ryan will share their unique knowledge and experience on everything from demonstrations to shows and seminars. There’s already a creative shoot and stage work lined up so it’s going to be a busy 1st year. Ryan Forsythe, member of the Artistic Team and Head of Education at Trevor Sorbie, said of the Collective,
“The KeraStraight Collective is an incredible opportunity for creative hairdressers to grow and showcase their talents. My role as mentor is to guide the Collective and provide them with everything they’ll need to succeed, whether on stage, in a shoot or leading a seminar. It’s going to be a fantastic year for hair.”

Members will also become social media champions under the watchful eye of Katie Braden, the PR genius behind KeraStraight, INNOluxe, Sophia Hilton and Not Another Salon. Hairdressers will develop their influencer skills and learn how to stand out from the social media noise. As Katie put it:
“Social media makes the world go round. As much as we don’t like to admit it, it’s true. And why not? It’s a free way to capitalise and grow a brand and voice, both personally and professionally. My role in the Collective is to make sure each member has access to the tips, tricks and ever changing digital knowledge they’ll need to succeed and thrive in the minefield that is digital selfmarketing.”

Hairdressers who already work with KeraStraight treatments and products know their unbridled passion for hair knows no bounds. This is a once in a career opportunity for hairdressers UK-wide to become future hair heroes and lead the next generation.
Don’t be a follower.
Be #SoMuchMore with the #KeraStraightCollective

For further information, please contact Katie Braden at the KeraStraight Press Office
Mobile: 07875 500652 ·

Hair extension specialist hopes new tool will revolutionise the industry

Melanie Kirk, a hair extension specialist from West Yorkshire has launched her own professional hair extension product which allows users to install a head of hair extensions in as little as 30 minutes.

Melanie, who has 15-years of professional hair extension experience, owns The Hair Extension Training Academy (THETA) in Bradford city centre, and has trained in excess of 3,000 students since it opened in 2012.

Commenting on Easiring, she said; “I pride myself in the professionalism of those who have learnt to do hair extensions at THETA, but have always believed that a product could be designed that would allow the same professional results to be achieved in a faster, easier and safer way.”

“This belief led me to work on and develop different ideas and variations in my spare time and that is when the concept for Easiring was born. From there, it’s been a long and challenging process, but I am now confident that Easiring is the product that can transform extensions from expensive luxuries into everyday beauty options.”

Melanie’s tool works by multiplying the number of Micro rings applied on a client’s head at any given time. Derived from an existing accredited training programme, this concept ensures that the process maintains the highest levels of safety during installation.

More information can be found on the Easiring website,

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