Find Your Nearest Salon


Which hairstyle?

Answer these questions to find out what sort of Hairstyle suits your lifestyle

1/. How often do you visit a hairdressing salon

2/. Do you always visit the same hair salon

3/. What makes you loyal to your hairdresser

4/. If ever, why would you change hairdressers?

5/. Do you enjoy your stylist spending time discussing your hair, what products are best to use on it and teaching you how to create different styles

6/. Do you follow your Hairdresser on social media (e.g. facebook/twitter)?

7/. Would you visit your hairdresser more often if they offered occasional treats?
( i.e.. Nail polish whilst having blow dry, intense treatment free of charge)

8/. Where do you buy your hair products?

9/. How do you find out about new hair products?

10/. How much time do you spend on your hair each day?

Finally we would love to hear your opinion

11/. If you could give your hairdresser a tip on what not to do what would it be?

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