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Our Kids

by Petra Mechurová

Petra Mechurová is not only a topnotch hairdresser but also a mother of two children. And it was children who became an inspiration and made her create a trendy kids hair collection for 2016 – the ORIGIN KIDS.

Children’s casualness is sometimes even dazzling, the silkiness of their hair and colours changing with every sun ray. And just like children love their hair like a lollipop, both ending in their smiling mouths, we love our children and thus want to keep their beauty and casualness and want to develop their taste and style. Regular visits to the hairdresser and cutting of hair is a must which pays off. As children grow they learn how to take care of their hare or what is good for them and what should they prevent.

"Every woman who has children tries to raise them as best as possible. And just like we teach the children that they should be regularly visiting a doctor we should teach them to also go to the hairdresser on a regular basis," says Petra Mechurová.

And how to take care of children’s hair? "Like it was your hair. Give it a great care. Though it might not be visible children’s hair is often damaged and torn. A wrong hair band, clamps, wearing a hat in the winter and children’s hair are damaged right away. Hence try to strengthen its regeneration either with wash-down mask or non wash-down sprays" replies Petra Mechurová.

Which hair style is best for a child? Petra says: "When it comes to children it’s most important that the created hair style will be practical. Extravagant hairstyles make no sense, as you know the beauty lies in simplicity. It’s also appropriate to respect the natural growth of hair and create a hairstyle that will fit and doesn’t need to be re-adjusted multiple times. To wear during the day entwined hair is perfect as they keep banded the whole day. Thus they don’t get damaged during any kind of games or when dressing up and down. When tightening the hair make sure to use an appropriate band, simply choose such that will not slip but neither will tear the hair."

A fringe cut seems to be like a good idea when it comes to children. But be aware that some kids have problem with fringe cuts. You can tell easily as the child will be constantly trying to get it off her face. Some kids simply hate hair in their face. But if your child is fine with a fringe cut then remember to get it cut regularly!” warns Petra Mechurová.

3 questions for Petra about kids trends

What inspired you to create the kids trends ORIGIN KIDS collection?
It was the casualness which I see with kids in general and also with their hair.

How does it look like when your children are getting a haircut? Are they used to hair cutting?
Yes, they are. But they are also same like other kids so they don’t have too much patience and we have to cut in phases.

How do you take care of your children’s hair?

Just like I do about my own hair. With girls it’s important to care about torn hair which happens thanks to careless wearing of hair bands or dry hair tips. Bands, clamps, caps and other favourite head decorations stress hair and childrens delicate hair often suffers. I help them with regenerative products like wash-down mask or mask in a hairspray which doesn’t wash down. I not only use the shampoo at hair roots but use the foam in the full hair length.

by Petra Mechurová