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Carley Stenson

It was a cold Tuesday morning in May and we just happened to share a quick Hot Chocolate with the fabulously stunning and talented Carley Stenson, aka Hollyoaks Steph Dean, West Ends Princess Fiona and the most Inspirational Elle in Legally Blonde! "Haha! I wish I looked fabulous !" were her words when we described her look as fabulous.

This girl has the loveliest personality that along with her looks and talent explains exactly why she calls freshly voted "Soaps Sexiest Male" Danny Mac (Hollyoaks Dodger) her other half!

1/. Wow, we want to know what you do each day to look so fabulous. What is your beauty and hair routine, are you a high maintenance girl?

Iím a very low maintenance kinda girl. Iím always in a rush to get out and do things and see people so I just like to use a good moisturiser for a healthy complexion with mascara and lip balm. Whilst using a leave in conditioner and/or a oil that even though I may not have blow dryed it,, it still looks smooth and healthy with no frizz.

2/. How long do you spend in the bathroom before a night out?

Now when Iím on a night out I like to take my time. I give myself about an hour and a half if I want to feel good about my hair and make up. I like to try new things and colours for my eyes but I usually stick to what I like with my hair unless Iím lucky for someone to do it for me and then I go a little crazy.

3/. Glammed up on for a night out or dressed up for a lunch with friends - what is your favourite look?

I love feeling comfy yet smart or pretty. If I could go out in a cute pair of shorts with my cowboy boots and off the shoulder top everyday with a fresh face and long smooth hair Iíd be happy! But I doubt ill fit in most places haha!

4/. Do you have a regular stylist, are you able to say who?

I love using "the Powder Room" in Liverpool! I go there before a night out. Such a great place to go. I enjoy having Cassie Lomas who teaches in Manchester for my fave soap award looks and calendars ,, and I love using Lisa Booth for unique and inspiring hairstyles! They all rock!

5/.Your boyfriend Danny Mac (aka Dodger, Hollyoaks) has just been voted Sexiest Male at the Soap Awards, do you give him style advice, what is your favourite bit of him?

Danny is confident in his choices of clothes and styling. He really knows what works for him and what he likes,, but he will always ask my opinion and listen which is a nice touch haha! He loves his All Saints and I think he looks good in what he likes,, which obviously has worked haha! I have many favourite features of Danny but I love his smile aw x

6/. When you played Princess Fiona in Shrek you had a very striking Copper Hair Colour which is totally different to the stunning Blonde Hair that is one of your trade marks. Would you ever move away from your blonde looks?

I always want to try something different with my hair but think I look best blonde. I have experimented with many colours underneath hence the red. I have always wanted long hair so will keep that the same until Iím older maybe. I bought a short dark red wig to try a different look but wasnít brave enough to commit ! Iíd try every look if I could go back to my usual the next day.

7/. Who is you biggest fashion and style inspiration?

I donít have a specific person I style myself on. It could be a Hollywood actress in a magazine Iím inspired by or someone I see on the train. Just confidence and being unique inspires me.

8/. What is your all time favourite hair product, that you couldnít live without?

I love Milk_shake Hair Products, they just smell totally amazing and make my hair feel fabulous. I use Milk_shake Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner after shampooing and I try to use a little Milk_shake Argan Oil to keep my hair in the best condition and stop it frizzing up - especially when iím on holiday.

9/. Is there a piece of advice you would give to a girl wanting to become part of this very glamourous and pressurised industry....

Always wear a smile and donít worry about the rest. Confidence and happiness makes any outfit and style look better! Just be happy in yourself.

10/. If you could put yourself into the skin of anyone in the world for the day who would it be and why

Princess kate! Cos why not? Every girl wants to be a real princess just once hey? X