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Trevor Sorbie's answer to hair loss

Trevor works his hair magic

Trevor Sorbie is a man who takes the image of his clients very seriously; he has now started to perform real life miracles for people who suffer from hair loss at any stage of their lives. From Alopecia to hair loss caused by chemotherapy, Trevor Sorbie can create natural wonders with wigs that few hairdressers are capable of.

"It was my personal experience of helping a family member during cancer treatment that inspired the idea of 'My New Hair'." explains Trevor, "I have now helped several hundred women whose reactions have provided me with a whole new dimension in job satisfaction. This is not about earning money, it's about using my skills to give people something truly meaningful and now my handpicked peers across the UK are joining me in doing the same. "

The close family member was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, Trevor helped her choose a wig and then styled it for her. It enabled her to get her confidence back and made her feel like a woman again.

Proud to help
"I have been hairdressing for over 30 years and during this time I have customised many wigs. Initially this was for glamorous photo shots or sometimes for clients who wanted to completely change their look. However, during the past few years, more and more women who have just been diagnosed with cancer have contacted me asking if I can customise a wig for them ready for when their hair falls out during or after chemotherapy.

This made me realise that I can use my experience and expertise to advise and help women at this particularly difficult time of their lives. Having had such a successful and happy career in hairdressing I am proud to be able to give something back."

Supported by the hairdressing industry and celebrities
Denise Van Outen says:
"Good on ya Trev!!! I would hate to lose my hair but if I was ever going through something like this I would thank my lucky stars that someone like you has an organisation like this. Be brave ladies and best of luck."

Lorraine Kelly says:
"Lovely Trevor Sorbie I see you work wonders on GMTV with makeovers. I don't think I have ever been more impressed then when I saw what I thought was real hair only to discover it was a wig! You and your team are gems and I wish you all the luck in the world."

Alan Richardson of L'Oreal Professional says:
"We are delighted to support Trevor's fantastic initiative which aims to help women to take a massive step towards re-building their confidence and self-esteem after such a traumatic experience."

Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her thirtieth birthday. Losing her hair during chemo-therapy, has had a real impact on Claire. Her hair was her pride and joy and what she describes as her best feature.

As any hairdresser knows, styling wigs is incredibly difficult, but Trevor hopes that other stylists and designers will take his lead and provide a worldwide service for people who through no fault of their own have found themselves in this difficult situation.

On the left are the original wigs and on the right are the styled wigs, after Trevor has created special looks
Trevor describes his career in the hair industry as leading him to this point; he is giving his time and expertise in assisting individuals to re-discover their natural self. Trevor Sorbie continues to break the mold in hairdressing with this groundbreaking; compassionate and exciting venture, and our good wishes go out to him and all hairdressers willing to make the difference.

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