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Hair Loss - Receding and thinning hair

What causes receding hair?

The main cause of receding hair is male pattern baldness, this is hereditary, so if your father lost his hair early, then yours is likely to do the same. Female members of the family can also pass this on. However, armed with this knowledge, you can get a Ďhead startí so to speak, take action early to reduce the impact of any hair loss and in many cases keep it at bay for longer.

Minoxidil is used in a number of anti hair loss treatments such as Rogaine for men (Equate for women). Tests have been positive with upto 9 out of 10 men saying they kept or regrew their hair by using it. Minoxidil increases the blood flow to the hair producing follicles, which then strengthens the hair you still have, while also stimulating new growth. Because hair grows in cycles, it will take 8 to 16 weeks for good regrowth to show. You will need to apply the product directly to the scalp on a daily basis. While the regrowth success rate is high with Minoxidil based products, the treatment must be continued indefinitely ó if you stop using the product hair gained will be lost .

Conceal or cut short?

Thinning hair means your scalp shows through and accentuates the whole receding thing. So while youíre waiting for a chosen growth treatment to start working, the answer could be a concealer. Specifically developed to disguise thinning hair, they are popular with both men and women.
Hard pressed powder concealers: Choice of safe colours to match you own hair colour and apply to the scalp and hair. Just wet powder and use sponge applicator to apply. Colours are blendable, so itís possible to find a good match. (Easily removed with shampoo)

Concealing Fibres: Natural fibres to shake over thinning hair, they attach electrostatically and come in a selection of safe colours. Fixing sprays also available for added staying power. (Easily removed with shampoo)

Another alternative is to manage receding hair with a good cut, keeping it short can make it look much thicker as it will stand up, rather than lying flat with a longer style. Buzz cuts are trendy, or if you like it a bit longer, try roughing it up with some lightweight gel or wax for a cool, shaggy look.

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Women also experience thinning, through over- processing, styling stress and after the menopause

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40% of men will have noticed hair loss by the time they are 35

The chances are, that if you havenít experienced a receding hairline or thinning hair yet, you will over the coming years. This not only makes you look older than you are, but affects your confidence and self-esteem. Because hair loss is so personal and those old comb over jokes still hit a raw nerve, sometimes it makes you just want to stick your head in the sand and hope it all goes away!

British men worry about going bald more than their European counterparts. Until recently, they were also the least likely to do anything about it. All that has changed now, with the anonymity afforded by online hair loss sites, offering information and discreet delivery of hair loss treatments and concealers. Plus, the increasing weight of evidence that certain products, actually do what they say on the box!
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