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Hair Loss Top Tips for prevention, concealment and treatment

Do something positive to turn hair loss around…

Start making changes to your life and the way you look after your hair, these top tips can make a difference…

Top Tips for Hair Growth

Once you’ve decided that you have the signs of hair loss developing, don’t waste anymore time worrying about it, start taking some positive steps in the right direction…

Feeding your hair

If you know you’ve been crash dieting, skipping meals or just eating too much over-processed food with little or no nutritional value, then it’s time to overhaul your eating habits and feed your hair from the inside.

Your hair needs essential proteins to grow and a poor diet will soon reflect in your hair and nails. Amino acids (found in eggs, meat, cheese and nuts) are important for hair growth as is methionine (in eggs, fish, meats, sesame seeds). Vitamins and minerals are also important.

Including all the necessary elements in your diet isn’t easy, so to kick start hair growth consider boosting your intake with a specially developed supplement.

Are you causing your own hair loss?

Many people just don’t realise how damaging certain styles can be. At the first sign of thinning hair or excessive shedding, you need to take any strain off your hair by removing extensions and weaves. Also avoid styles that pull hair too tight. All of these, can lead to a condition called Traction Alopecia, the constant strain on the hair follicles weakens them to such an extent that they die off. Prolonged mistreatment will be harder to turnaround, but hair will recover if action is taken sooner rather than later.

Don’t over style or over brush. Take care when drying your hair, constant blow-drying with a round brush can pull out weak hair.

Damaged hair will be sparse when it tries to grow back, proven products like Minoxidil (Equate for women) (Rogaine for men) encourage stronger growth. Nioxin System Kits are tailored to your individual hair loss needs.

Reduce your stress levels

Okay, so you’ve taken the strain off your hair, now take a good honest look at the things in your life that cause stress. You may need to consider removing yourself from stressful situations. Hair loss can be caused by a sudden shock, this condition is called Telogen Effluvium, in many cases it is temporary and hair grows back. Childbirth can trigger it and the hormonal changes after pregnancy can also lead to hair loss.

If you are under too much pressure and you’re not happy with things the way they are, seriously consider de-stressing your life.. Maybe a change of job/partner/house/friend. Avoid dieting drugs these can also lead to hair loss.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Lack of sleep and proper rest affects the body’s immune system, changing hormone secretion, physical and mental stamina. Hair follicles are very sensitive to changes within the body, so prolonged periods of broken sleep and inability to switch off, can contribute to diffuse hair loss.

So be kind to your hair and if your sleep pattern has been out of sync for more than a couple of weeks, consider the obvious things like a new pillow, new mattress, more fresh air, don’t have central heating on all night, relax more before bedtime, so your mind’s not too active. If all this fails, have a chat with your doctor and see if there’s an another reason your sleep pattern has changed.

Our Mission
At UKHairdressers we aim to provide people who are suffering hair loss, with guidance, reviews and information to help them make an informed choice about the best options for them.
Disclaimer All information on this site has been written for general purposes and we advise you to seek medical advice when necessary.

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