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Hair loss Prevention

Preventing Hair Loss

Prevention is better than cure and there are a surprising number of changes you can make to your life to help prevent hair loss.

Donít despair even if you have started experiencing hair loss, nowís the time to slow it down, prevent it getting worse and turn up the road to new growth...

Hereditary hair loss is hard to avoid, but there is a lot that can be done to reduce the effects and keep it at bay for as long as possible. Other causes of hair loss can be avoided altogether or turned around before it takes hold.

Itís all about lifestyle, if you donít have a sensible, balanced diet or a proper hair care regime, one of the first indications of an unhealthy and stressful life, will be thinning hair.

For example: a lawn that is properly nourished and maintained will be thick and lush. Whereas a poorly treated, under nourished one will soon show signs of thinning, becoming sparse with bare patches showing through and nobody wants that.

The Key to Preventing Hair Loss

The main considerations in your preventative action plan are:

• Keeping your stress levels down
• Proper hair care
• Reassessing your diet
• Supplementing with proven vitamins
• Stop those bad habits!

Managing Stress

Emotional or physiological stress may result in an alteration of the normal hair cycle and can cause hair loss. The thought that if you spend too much time worrying about things, it will lead to hair loss, is based on a degree of truth, because too much stress in your life inevitably takes its toll on your hair. It also reduces your bodyís ability to absorb nourishment from the food you eat.

So what can you do? Take heed of some de-stressing strategies!

• Get enough sleep ó give your body the time it needs to recover
• Break off for regular meals ó away from your desk
• Eat healthily and drink plenty of water
• Exercise in moderation ó donít overdo it, but donít be too sedentary either
• Walk away from stress causing situations and if that means finding another job or a new personal relationshipó make the break, before the strain and stress affect your health and your hair

Proper Hair Care ó from the outside

Looking after your hair properly will pay dividends. Caring for your scalp and feeding hair roots all work to encourage growth and reduce the potential for hair loss. Bacteria, sebum build-up, hair product residue can all inhibit the growing phase of hair and in the longer term, result in signs of thinning and hair loss. Investing in an anti-hair loss shampoo will ensure your scalp is in the best possible condition for regrowth. A treatment product will prevent further hair loss and promote new growth.

If hair loss is genetic like Pattern Baldness, it makes sense to start the DHT treatment phase early, thus delaying and reducing the effects you could otherwise expect to see developing.
It is especially important to keep your hair in good condition if you regularly colour, perm, straighten or curl it ó as all these will increase the wear and tear damage and can increase hair loss for some people.
There are many top brands of hair loss prevention treatments to choose from, some especially for men, others for women and several for both. If you want naturally derived products for extra peace of mind, there are plenty of those too.

Does your diet feed your hair?

Take an honest look at your lifestyle and see where you need to make changes that will reap rewards; after all, we are what we eat! Nails, skin and hair are the first things to suffer when the body doesnít get what it needs to repair and replace cells. In extreme cases of eating disorders and frequent crash dieting, thinning hair is very common. So itís important that you take care of your nutrition requirements.

Reduce the amount of fatty foods you eat, Avoid too many fried foods, too much red meat, processed foods that are high in colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Reduce the amount of salt you add to food, cut down on coffees and drink more water.

Increase the fresh fruit and vegetables (donít overcook your veg as this will destroy the very vitamins you need to eat). Include foods each day that contain protein, eggs are a good source. Try grilling your food as a healthier option. If itís too hard to change your diet overnight, try phasing your new regime in gradually. Youíll be surprised how much better you feel, more energy, less lethargic.

Fish is a must have addition to your diet, it contains protein and many of the essential vitamins for hair growth. The Japanese diet consists largely of fish in itís many forms and they have the longest life expectancy in the world and many reach old age with thick heads of hair. Need we say moreÖ.

Vitamins Supplementing Hair Care
ó from the inside

Everyone skips the odd meal and has days when they slip back into old habits and donít get enough of the vitamins and minerals they really need to promote healthy hair growth.

Similarly, to consume enough of these essential vitamins through food alone, is virtually impossible unless you spend your days analysing every mouthful.
The sensible and easy option is to choose a supplement that does all the hard work for you, carefully formulated vitamins that provide your body with the best chance of hair recovery and growth. These work by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles, reducing the chance of new hairs splitting and breaking. Those which also contain DHT Blockers stop the hormone that triggers both male and female pattern hair loss.

Apart from the important vitamins B1 to B12, vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, supplements can contain amino acids, iron (many female hair loss is due to iron deficiency) and trace elements.

Time to stop...

Smoking has been proven to age skin, cause tooth loss and hair loss. So if your hair has already begun to show signs of thinning or falling out, you will increase the likelihood of it worsening if you continue to smoke.

Itís time to bite the bullet and take another positive step towards prevention and treatment. The money you re-allocate to looking after your hair will then work actively to prevent hair loss instead of contributing towards causing it.

Our Mission
At UKHairdressers we aim to provide people who are suffering hair loss, with guidance, reviews and information to help them make an informed choice about the best options for them.
Disclaimer All information on this site has been written for general purposes and we advise you to seek medical advice when necessary.

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