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Hair Loss, Treatments & Hairloss Concealers

Conceal thinning hair instantly and look years younger for men and women

With any hair loss treatment there is always an initial period of several weeks, sometimes upto 3 or 4 months, before new hair starts to grow. Women especially, who wear their hair in longer styles, are self conscious about thinning and bald patches during this stage of hair loss treatment.

While you have to be patient waiting for regrowth to appear, there are some unique products available to help you through the long wait or if you just want your hair to look that bit thicker and reduce scalp show through.

How do Hair Loss Concealers work?

You can have the thickest, fullest looking hair instantly with a choice of hair loss concealers. They are equally effective for men and women, match any skin colour, hair colour and hair type. Anyone experiencing hair loss and thinning will know that their scalp starts to show through their hair. For sufferers with dark hair the contrast between their scalp and thinning hair is even more noticeable than for others with lighter coloured hair.

Are Concealers Safe to Use?

The popular tried and tested brands are usually based on natural plant extracts, keratin, safe colourants and no hair dyes. Providing you have no open sores on your scalp they can be used by the majority of hair loss sufferers.

How do you use Hair Loss Concealers?

Hair loss concealers are really clever at disguising scalp ‘show through’, all you need to do is choose a shade to match your natural hair colour. Sometimes, blending two colours together can give you an exact match and make it even more effective.

There are two main types of concealer:

Compressed Powder Concealers

These are hard-packed powdered formulas that are easy to use with an applicator. They work by wetting the surface of the powder and using the applicator to apply to the affected areas of the scalp, blending in gently near the hairline for a natural finish. These concealers can also be used to cover grey hair or touch up root growth.

Fibre Concealers

Fibres coat thin hairs adding spectacular fullness.

Fibres are applied quickly and easily without mess by simply shaking the container over thin or thinning hair.

This releases thousands of microscopic colour-matched pure keratin hair fibres, which bind electrostatically to, and branch off from, each individual hair. Charged with static electricity, they bond to your own hair in fir-tree patterns, creating a natural-looking and natural-feeling density. Fibres bond to your hair so securely they will stay in place all day, and will not stain or smear. Many will even resist strong winds, rain, and swimming when combined with Fibre Locking Spray.

How do you remove these concealers?

Simply washing with shampoo will remove the powder and fibre concealers easily from your hair and scalp. Ideal opportunity to use a shampoo that is going to encourage future hair growth.

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