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Black Hair Loss

African American women were the first to suffer from hair loss caused by the over use of extensions and hair styles that pull the hair so tightly it actually damages the roots over a period of time...

Since the desire to have thicker, more and more luxurious hair has crossed many cultures, WAGS, TOWIE followers are noticing varying degrees of traction alopecia.
However, in many cases this problem can be reversed and hair growth restarted, with the right treatment...

What is Traction Alopecia?

The long list of casualties includes Naomi Campbell, her hair loss condition is a type called ‘Traction Alopecia’. This is usually the result of hair styles which involve pulling and securing hair into shape such as braiding or corn rows.

Traction alopecia often shows as distinct patches of hair loss in those areas where the hair and hair follicles have been put under excessive strain. The hair loss may occur anywhere on the scalp depending on the nature of the hair style or process that is causing the traction, but the frontal hairline is the most common area where traction alopecia is seen.

In the early stages traction alopecia is a temporary and reversible form of hair loss and simply avoiding hair styles that put excessive strain on the hair will allow any lost hair to grow back normally. If, however, the pulling on the hair continues for a long period of type – typically 3 years or more – it eventually leads to the formation of fibrosis and scar tissue within the affected hair follicles resulting in a permanent inability for those follicles to produce new hair under any circumstances.

Making the problem worse

Unfortunately, a common response by women suffering from traction alopecia is to try to increase the length and volume of their hair, is to start wearing hair braid extensions. These are usually tightly attached to the person’s remaining natural hair. This in turn puts more strain on the healthy hair follicles , which then atrophy resulting in further hair loss until a point is reached where there is virtually no hair remaining.

Below are examples of when extensions pulling on already weakened hair have greatly exacerbated the condition.

Advice to prevent traction alopecia

The best way to prevent traction alopecia is simply to avoid hair styles that put excessive strain on the hair. Alternatively, if braids or corn rows are worn ensure that the pressure is taken off the follicles by gently lifting the hair slightly away from the scalp using a tail comb. This will give the required hairstyle, but without the danger of it causing permanent hair loss.
Finally, if your hair style is so tight that you can feel the strain on your scalp there is a real danger it will lead to hair loss to some degree.

Article by Tony Maleedy MIT

Encouraging regrowth and hair recovery

In many cases it is possible to reverse this confidence affecting problem. Apart from following the above advice to prevent any further hair loss through traction alopecia, sufferers should actively select a treatment to encourage new growth and speed up the hair recovery. This is best achieved by feeding the hair from within with the right vitamins and minerals and topically, to cleanse the scalp and nourish the roots. Choose a specially formulated hair supplement and a hair loss treatment.

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