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Hair On Trend: WINTER 2019

Trend Alert: Short and Snappy

Tousled elegance, long, side-swept bangs with soft highlights to glint and shine in the sun. Carefree styling to expose sun-kissed shoulders and bare necks.
This layered style looks just as good worn smooth and sleek, as it does messed-up like ruffled feathers.

Top tip: You’ll need an experienced stylist to achieve perfection in this style, as the cut is everything. Clever layer control and just the right amount of length for an eye skimming side-swept bang. Careful razoring to ensure hair doesn’t clump and look too heavy.
Mix this gorgeous cut with a shade from a summer pallet of colours… sweet blonde, velvety raven brunette or copper spun red.

LOOK 1: To style it smooth… use a thermal protection crème and blow dry using a nozzle, in the direction you want hair to lie. Then use your favourite straightener and finish with a shine mist. Add a tiny amount of styling wax to the tips if required.

LOOK2: To style it tousled… work some normal hold mousse through your hair and blow dry using a diffuser, while scrunching hair between fingers. For added texture and body, finish with some medium hold styling wax.

Trend Alert: Bieber Effect

The Bieber cut or “Neo Quiff” is taking the world of celebrities and style conscious guys by storm! Fans of the look include David Beckham who actually started the ball rolling in a magazine shoot last year, since then the style has gathered pace and is also a favourite of Danny O’Donoghue.
It’s a modern take on the 50’s quiff and women have also worn the style, such as Rihanna and Emeli Sande.

Top tip: Make sure your barber or stylist is clear on the style you want before he wields any of his fancy cutting gear. The sides are trimmed back to 1 to 2 cms in length, shaped and thinned around the ears, but the top is kept long enough to buckle slightly under its own weight.

To style, comb the sides down and back while blowdrying from the front, use a vented brush to blow dry the top section. While hair is still damp, take some strong-hold styling wax, rub between hands until warm; work well through the hair with your fingers, flip hair forward and then quickly push it backwards until you achieve the look, keep it slightly off centre and so the front of the hair isn’t vertical. Cool!

Trend Alert: Festival Volume

Glastonbury, Isle of White Festival, Chester Rocks… now’s the time to let your hair down and shake it loose. Festival hair can be a liberating experience, a chance to bring out the “wild child” in you! It’s all about freedom of expression, long hair looks great dressed with slightly undone plaits and then after the heat and humidity of the day, release them for shaggy, ruffled waves while you dance the night away.
Anything goes, that’s part of the fun…. Boho meets rock chic, beads, bangles, bright nails, lots of girly touches.

Top tip: Short hair can be scrunched up with mousse to turn up the volume or add Flip-In extensions for added length, amazing colours and flashes.

For quick styling on-the-go cordless straighteners will save the day — an instant tame or twist and wave.