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Hair On Trend: SUMMER 2019

Trend Alert: Parting Waves

Wave goodbye to straight hair…. defined partings are back on trend — adding structure to a style, but softened with loose, sassy waves. The parting can be central for a balanced symmetrical look, or set to one side to create a fluid, more gentle style.
The hair is left straight and smooth on top of the head and then breaks into waves from eye-level down.
Works best on longer length styles, but shorter cuts can add layers of waves to great effect.

Top tip:
To create open waves, take 1.5 inch sections of hair, curl them around your finger (stopping 5 or more inches away from the scalp on the upper layers), then slide it off and hold wound hair with one hand while carefully closing your straighteners over the curl and heat for few seconds. Work your way around all the hair in this way. The looser the wound curl you heat, the more open the wave will be.
Moussed-up waves will have body and volume. For a more tousled look, tease out the waves and add a little styling gel to the tips. Spray with a medium hold hairspray to retain shape.

Trend Alert: The Alexa

An easy to wear, fun loving style, the Alexa was named after style muse Alexa Chung’s much discussed mid-length cut with centre parting and side bangs.

The Alexa is a trend that never goes away, the length may vary from just below chin length to touching the shoulders, but it’s still a statement cut.
It’s a great summer style that looks fabulous tousled or worn smooth with a glossy shine.

Top tip: Invest in a good, well-defined cut - choose a slightly blunt finish or a softer layering.

To style sleek, work some smoothing heat defence through the hair and blowdry using a nozzle. Then finish by straightening.

For a more tousled look, add mousse and scrunch up as you blowdry with a diffuser.

Trend Alert: Perfect Page

Angled, page length styles are setting the trend this summer. Longer at the front and cut on a slant, with eye skimming fringe or side-swept bangs.

Looks great with any hair colour or a combination of tones. A lovely face-framing style, accentuates the eyes and cheekbones, while the shorter back is softly layered or dramatically stepped for maximum impact.

Top tip: This style will need regular trims to keep its shape; choose a hairdresser you have confidence in or you will find your page cut getting shorter and shorter with each visit. A good stylist should be able to trim and maintain the shape and not always lose another half inch off the length. After all, if you’d wanted a really short bob, you would have asked for one!

To style: blowdry straight with a thermal protection spray or cream. Then before straightening, use more heat defence or hair oil, gently curving the straighteners towards the face as you pass them over your hair. Finish with a shine spray to play on highlights and give your hair a glossy lustre.