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All you need to know if you have thinning hair or have hair loss before seeing a hair specialist.

If you are looking at hair restoration you will need to see a Hair specialist. You need to know the cause of the hair thinning and hair loss and what process will be adopted by the specialist to examine the cause.

The causes of hair loss can be due to one or more reasons. Which of these could be related to your hair loss or hair thinning? Dietary, genetic, auto-immune, hormonal or psychological, hair colourants, excessive bleaching or chemicals, harsh shampoos, hair cosmetics, hairstyles or mechanical friction, stress and hormonal imbalance, low iron count, medication, malfunctioning of the thyroid or a hormonal imbalance, hereditary, birth control tablets, radiation, fungal infections in the scalp, unbalanced diets, fasting or crash dieting. Confused?

Perhaps answering these questions will help you:
• When and how long have you had this problem?
• What has been the pattern of hair loss?
• Is hair coming out by the roots, or is it breaking along the hair?
• Is increased hair loss or increased thinning more visible?
• Are you taking any drugs?
• Has the hair loss started in post- pregnancy or in menopause?
• What has been your medical history like?
• How is your thyroid gland functioning - has there been an increase in weight, lethargy?
• Is there a family link to the hair loss?
• Have you been using unusual hair care, hair cosmetics or hairstyle?
• What is your diet like?
It is possible that you can figure out what may be the cause and address it yourself. If not your Hair Specialist may recommend a prescription medicine or natural hair loss products or natural hair retention or treatment plan such as Nutrigro Hair Plan. It depends on personal preference. He may not be able to recommend suitable hair products to use. I would recommend that you use non-harsh shampoos and conditioners- preferably those strengthened with botanicals such as tea tree oil, Indian gooseberries (amla) and fenugreek. These act as natural anti- yeast or anti-fungal agents to keep the scalp clear or provide essential vitamins and minerals for the growing hair buds.

But before recommending treatment the Professional will normally conduct a scalp examination, overall physical and emotional health to determine the cause of hair loss or hair thinning. He may even recommend a laboratory test to see if lack of iron or heavy metals are playing a part.

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Written by Ravi Bhanot, author of Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow

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