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Rare causes of Hair Loss

Is Your Hair Thinning or Hair Loss Due to a Rare Cause?

Sometimes it is hard to figure out why one’s hair is thinning or is being lost. Hair thinning and hair loss can be due to a rare cause like metals in the body such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Iron, Aluminum and Copper or other element such as Manganese, Chromium, Arsenic, Titanium, Lithium and Selenium.

Your fingernails may give a clue. They may reveal if you have toxic metal poisoning. Slow, long exposures to the metals cause the nails to be abnormal.

Mercury affects the immune system by destroying T-cells. A research study in the early 1990’s showed that around 50% of women with increased mercury in the body had hair loss. On removing the mercury fillings in the teeth, around 65% saw their hair bouncing back.

So how can you reduce mercury in your body? Change your mercury fillings to amalgam filling for white ones, do a detox and take a good muti-vitamin, multi-mineral preparation such as Nutrigro Hair Capsules to get rid of remaining mercury that have settled in the tissues.

Toxic metals are also known as Heavy metals. They can cause poor nail growth and hair loss. Toxic metals accumulate in the joints, bone, liver and other organs. They should be removed with advice from a Therapist. This is usually done by taking specific supplements to neutralize or chelate with them.

Toxic metals can be from arts and crafts, electrical work, soldering, jewelry repairs, pollution, cooking utensils, deodorants and pesticides. Advice from a specialist should be sought to establish this if there is doubt.

If you are on medication check with your Pharmacist or Doctor if your drug has any impact to your hair loss.

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