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Natural hair products and the cure to hair loss

Can an ancient theory using natural hair products be the cure to hair loss?

There is a saying to find out where you want to go see where you have been. This is true for hair loss and hair thinning too. Books written 4,000 years ago tell us what we are now learning in surgery and in hair and scalp conditions.

In ancient Indian or Ayurvedic thinking a person is seen as a unique individual made up of all the five primary elements. The five elements are: ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth. If one looks at nature we find that this too is made up of these five elements. 70% earth is water, 30% land (earth), surrounded by air and space (a vacuum) and fire (from the sun). This is why we are considered part of the cosmic nature of life.

The food we eat, the natural hair products we use and the weather around us are examples of these elements. Food, drink, natural hair products or any products for that matter are made up of these five elements. Certain elements have an ability to mix together to create various physiological functions. For example ether and air combine to form an energy that is known in Ayurveda as the Vata dosha.

Vata is responsible for the principle of movement. It can be seen as the force, which directs nerve impulses and blood circulation. When fire and water elements combine they form the Pitta dosha or energy. This dosha is responsible for the process of transformation or metabolism- breaking down of food into nutrients for example.

Pitta energy is also responsible for metabolism in the organs, cellular metabolism, premature hair loss and hair thinning.

When the elements water and earth combine they form the kapha dosha. Kapha energy is responsible for growth and protection- stomach mucosal lining and cerebral-spinal fluid that protects the brain and spinal column are a type of Kapha energy.

Although each of us has all the three doshas or energies - the ratios of the doshas vary in each individual. This makes us all unique. This is similarly the case why all natural hair care products are different.

Pitta balancing herbs as such as Fenugreek and India Gooseberry (Amla) have been traditionally used in Asian countries for healthier fuller hair for centuries. The main problem is that Amla, found in natural hair care products, tends to be in an oil base. A British company, Nutrigro (, who manufacture natural hair care products have pioneered to have these herbs in water base in a Serum and Shampoo so that hair is not left greasy.
These herbs along with the proteins required for growth of existing hair (after all hair is 97% protein) and all the necessary vitamins and minerals are essential in any hair food supplement in the natural hair care products category. In men herbs such as Saw Palmetto, that counteracts the effects of hormones that cause hair thinning and in women Soya - that fights against hormones that cause hair thinning in post menopausal women, would help too.

The theory goes on to say that everything happens twice so keeping a positive goal always in mind and remaining healthy is essential. The Nutrigro natural hair care products and Hair Plan explains this in more detail.

To get more details on how to keep your hair for longer, more details on the Nutrigro Plan or for more details on Pitta balancing food and drinks email

Sushma Bhanot, MRPharmS, Dip (Nutr) Dip(Hom) Dip(Ayurv)

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