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The Journey to Grey

It was a difficult road ...I went 'cold turkey' and it took me about a year, with a lot of patience, to grow out the dyed coloured hair. Firstly, I decided to get my hair cut short - it had been in a bob style. During the growing out phase my hair was such a mess, a mixture of the old dyed colour, my new natural dark brown and the grey coming through. I felt that I looked like I was letting myself go - that I didn't care about how I looked. Of course this is not true - I really cared! And, being honest, it was so difficult. I purchased a book at this time and it really helped me to keep going: 'Going Gray' by Anne Kreamer. In her book, Anne Kreamer describes her own personal journey to grey. I owe so much to this author - her book gave me great hope and confidence to carry on. [Thank you Anne!] I stuck with growing out the colour and every time I had a new cut I could see the grey/white strands of hair shining through more and more (especially round my face like a light). It was like a metamorphosis. I felt so free - free of the shackles of colour - free to be the real me. I can't wait for my hair to go even greyer/whiter and hope to enjoy the continuing journey. For me, it's not just the outer look, it's how I feel inside too.

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