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Grey Hair Posts

Blogging is good for you…. Here are the posts we've received from these lovely ladies, grey is hot at the moment - so share your experience withus….

Empece mi transicion el 30 de agosto del 2017. Mis raices estan suuuper blancas y me ecantan. Espero que crezaca pronto mi cabello para verlo como la nieve
(Started my transition on August 30, 2017. My roots are super white and I am delighted. I hope my hair grows soon to see it like snow)
Post By: Ruth Fajardo

I'm really wanting to let my hair go grey. I'm 60 + fed up with having my hair coloured but worried in case I look old!
Post by: Denise
LindaI haven't cleared my hair since May 2016. A lot of things changed at that time in my life so I decided to change the routine ahead of car do my hair every two weeks. I really do like it gray it's really kind of white. I get compliments on it on a daily basis. I'm just think of the money you can save.
Post By: Linda

I chopped off my hair to about 3/4" all over 25 years ago when coloring wasn't effective any longer. I haven't looked back and get fabulous, envious compliments all the time!
Post By: Pamela Goodman

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been coloring my hair for so long, I can't remember what the natural color was/is! After 30 years of coloring, I've been searching for a way to let my grey come in. Im gonna let the color grow out and the natural grey come in. Thank you so much!
Post by:Val
Just started in the last few months and have a nice short pixie..always have had short hair and so this is the easy part. ALso enjoying the release from having to colour...have started to feel there was something false or less authentic about the whole process...about revealing the real me.
Post by: Aannemarie

I'm proud of you! I would like to put my hair grey, but I need courage!
Post by: Dircylene

I have wanted to go narural for some time but i have a dark spot right in the crown of my head that i hate so i dye all my hair just because i want rid of that any ideas on how to get past this and go for the grey?
Post by: Judith

Marianne Kobie you inspire me ! our stories are similar but now Im going all out with long white hair! X
Post by: Ali Rose

Hi, I am 4 months into transition. My hair is long. I am loving the grey coming through and the natural highlights it is making. I cant wait to be totally natural. I have been dying my hair since I was 15...I am 50 this year. Thats a lot of wasted time and money!
Post by: Polly

Being naturally grey is a right I have earned and proudly display. Not only are men distinguished when they have grey hair, but women have earned the right to be just as distinguished and beautiful. Go girls!
Post by: Gisele DeAngelis

I'm not from the UK, but I found your website because I was looking for nice hairstyles. I went to my natural grey hair color a few years ago, due to a hair dye allergy. At first I thought it was a catastrophic thing, but now that it's grown out I love it, and would never go back to hair dye. Thanks for your great website and thanks for asking for photos. Here's mine.
Post by: Deb Manzella

I decided to go natural after 10 years of dyeing my hair. I added up the cost in time and money and said forget this I have better things to do with my time and money so I had it all chopped off. It took 2 cuts and there was all that silver hair!!! My daughter was convinced I was going to look really old if I quit dyeing and pretty much she was the only one who said anything, although I didn’t really tell anyone why I cut my hair as I’d had it all different lengths over the years. As it turned out, I received nothing but positive remarks when everyone realized I wasn’t colouring anymore. I’ve never received so many compliments on my hair as I have since it’s been it’s natural colour. I never really though about it making me look old, I never connected the colour of my hair to my age or what age people might think I am, that just never occurred to me. I have never regretted the decision. Love my hair and the colour is mine alone. I think what you’re doing is marvellous. I still see my hairdresser every few months for a good conditioning treatment, a bit of a trim and a blow out. She has never once tried to talk me into colouring my hair and actually loves it just the way it is. Thank you.
Post by: Sallee Smith Costa Mesa, CA

Yay! Thanks for making the gallery of photos for those of us who have made the decision to allow our natural silver to shine. It was a long 2 years to get my hair to the present length and FREE of dye.
Post by:Shirley

Hello there. I am elated to see grey hairstyle highlights on your web site! I see there is a picture of me at the beginning (well one year in) of my journey to grey. It took 18 months for the whole transition. I am so "greytful" to see all these beautiful women who have embraced their natural hair. Whether it is grey, curly, nappy, long, short or anywhere in between, natural beauty is a God given blessing for us to embrace.
Post by: Terri

I stopped colouring my hair in November 2011. Before that, I was colouring every two weeks because my hair kept turning a brassy red. It was dry, it was like straw. I cut my hair very, very short, so it was a relatively easy process for me. My hair has not looked this healthy and beautiful in years. This is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I feel so very, very free!!!! I started colouring my hair when I was about 22 years old. So very young for the vicious cycle to begin. I learned at an early age the meaning of that terrible word “roots”. I was streaked, light blonde, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown, red – any colour you can think of. But not matter what I did, after just a few short weeks, it would turn orange!!! I always blamed it on the Florida sun, but I now believe the colour simply washed right down the drain. In November 2011 I had enough. I was sick of looking at every picture of myself and seeing that horrible orange, unnatural colour. I was determined to end this self-destructive “every two” week colour routine. I did almost cave a few days before Christmas. But I was strong and thought – NO, it’s only one day. It will be over in a short 24 hours. I endured!!! After Christmas, I buzzed my head so it wouldn’t have to deal with the two-tone horrible look. It was very short and I received a lot of criticism. The people I worked with thought I had lost my mind. But I prevailed. I held my ground and just kept smiling. Because I cut it so short, it was over very quickly for me. All of a sudden I had the most beautiful, healthy, shiny silver hair. People started to take a second look. As it grew longer, I was getting more and more compliments. The people that were so against me doing this “horrible” thing of letting my natural silver grow in, started to come around. I started getting rave reviews! I have never, ever been so happy. It is the best decision I have made in my life! I feel freer than I have felt in 40 years. I very often see admiring glances from ladies and gentlemen and they are looking at my hair. Without saying a word, I have influenced woman I care about to do the same thing. I don’t believe in pushing my decision on other, but if just by looking at my hair, I encourage others to try the same – it brings me much joy. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. This is one happy lady here. I hope anyone that reads this might be so inclined to try it themselves. If not, that’s ok too. It’s a very personal choice and not for everyone. Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts. Please feel free to use my pictures if you would like. I would be honoured! I am Gray and Proud!!!
Post by: Chris Zuzze, West Palm Beach, FL (one happy 60 year young lady)

My first inspiration on being my authentic self was my Grandmother. She was 26 before she married, at that time, she was considered an old maid and she told me her family worried for her. But she was not worried, she was out having fun, she had her own motorcycle, she was a flapper (no bra for her), she never shaved her legs (and I remember there was really no hair to see), wore no makeup nor did she dye her hair, and she was gorgeous and very feminine looking! I think she has been in my head all along saying ‘be yourself, not what others want’. So thanks GrandMom. My hair journey started about 8 years ago; I was 47, when we purchased our winter home. Even though the community I live in is not for seniors only, many of the people are older. I watched with envy at the women who did not dye their hair. Every winter when I would return, there would be a few more who went natural. Each year I would say to myself ‘this is the year to stop’. I would come home to Pennsylvania with roots showing, and get verbally attacked from my friends and family to ‘colour my hair, stop acting like the old women you spend your winter with, you are still young’. Even my hairdresser would tell me you are going to look so much older if you let it go. Sadly, I listened to everyone, but myself. March 2011 while still in Texas, right after I dyed my hair, hating the colour it turned out, decided right at that moment this would be last time I put any dye into my hair. I googled ’letting your hair go natural’, and found the Gray & Proud group; what a great place to go to each morning and check in with like minded folks. I feel so much more myself now. I love MY colour, silver in front, black in the back, with silver streaming through the dark. I am now on the path of letting it grow long. Again the same friends/family are already telling me how old this will make me look. I just smile and remember what they thought about me letting it go natural. I went to my hairdresser yesterday, really the last time I will go to her, and told her to just thin it out, I was letting it grow, and she went on to tell me how I will not look good in the longer hair. She did admit that she liked my natural hair colour - but that I was lucky, ‘not all women can wear this colour’ - oh boy, I wished at that moment I had a photo of all the ladies on G&P! I wash my hair with baking soda mixed with water and rinse with vinegar and water. I use ’shortsexyhair slept in creme’ and when dry I spray it with Garnier’s Fructis Style brilliantine shine. The lesson I have learned since March 22, 2011: Listen to your inner guide - not others.
Post by: Marianne Kobie Pennsylvania, USA in the summer Texas, USA in the winter.

A few years ago in my mid-fifties, I found myself in a dilemma.I guess you could call it a mid-life crisis. I'd always been attractive. Not beautiful. But cute and confident. To be honest, I kind of took my physical appearance for granted. It was what it was, and I didn't obsess about it. I was really much more involved in what I was doing than how I looked. But one day, after a couple of years of unfortunate events and relentless stress, topped off with a diagnosis of breast cancer, followed by surgery (lumpectomy) and six and a half weeks of radiation, I came face to face with an image in the mirror that, frankly, I didn't recognize. I was overweight and out of shape, my skin was puffy and blotchy, I had dark circles under my eyes, and my long, golden brown hair was turning gray. "Wow! When did that happen?" I thought. I began to consider getting some "Mom" jeans and cutting and dying my hair at the suggestion of well-meaning friends who insisted that gaining weight was a natural part of aging, and that getting my hair cut and colored would make me look much younger. Waiting for a radiation treatment, I was flipping through a magazine and saw a photo of Yasmina Rossi, with her waist length, silver hair, slim figure, and joyful demeanor. She inspired me to be "me" again. I realized I didn't have to be the beaten-down woman that I was on the fast track to becoming! I began working out again, resumed my yoga practice, and changed my diet. Within a few months, I'd lost twenty plus pounds and was feeling great. I was thrilled with my progress, however, most of my friends still wanted me to cut my hair and dye it. I adamantly refused. I loved my hair, and I loved the color. And yes, silver/gray IS a color! Flash forward to the present. I'll be sixty-one this month, and I'm feeling grayt!
Post by: Carol McNeill

I saw all the wonderful photos of the ladies from Gray and Proud...all my new friends! I stopped coloring my hair almost three years ago. Just after my 60th birthday I felt it was time to stop being a blonde and see what was hiding under the chemicals. I was also so tired of planning my life around my 'awful gray roots'. It was time to be free of that bondage and enjoy what God gave me. Boy, was I surprised at how silver I was..and you know what? I love hair is shiny, soft and maintenance free. I clean my hair with conditioner and let it air dry..what could be easier? No more nasty smell from hair color, itchy scalp, and hair dye drips in the sink. I am now more confident in how I look, wear less makeup and just let 'me' shine through! Sincerely, Linda Kuzak Mogadore, Ohio USA
Post by: Kuzak Mogadore

OH WOW! I am a grammies, just turned 55 and SICK TO DEATH of the "roots" every 4 weeks. Like many of you, I have listened to everyone but myself, and now I feel ready to take the journey to let my hair go natural. I think it will be hard, because I don't want to cut the length but I am here, looking at all your results and want to be like you all. thank you for the encouraging words and beautiful pictures
Post by: Carin
I think her hair is super grey. I stopped putting colour on my hair at 50 and it is so much more natural.Unfortunately of late it seems to be growing back with some blonde colour and i am not sure why. I am now 60 and intrigued as to why this has happened. I think coloured hair in older women is tarty and rather down market, and so i feel the lady has made the correct decision and it looks great.
Post by: Anne
Hello, I am sending one of my favorite pics of myself and my gray hair which was included in the "Gray and Proud" Facebook segment. We are a bunch of very proud women and are having a real good time with this unfolding and "being real". I wish you a wonderful day from the top of the world....;) Pic was taken in Germany.
Post by: Shelly Mueller

Hi Heather, Denise said you were looking for the photos from the video she created. Here's mine. Feel free to use if if you wish! Thanks so much!
Post by: Ann

I love your look.I went gray for similar reasons, however, I was losing hair due to dying it every two weeks.I am 46 and have children ages 6, 12 and 14, so life is busy.Frustrated, but with the support of my husband, I decided to go for 'gray'! I quit dying, cut my hair often, and enjoyed the process.As you said, gray is not for everyone, but I love my color now.Posted by: Sharon
I am with you...when we go grey. Our skin tones also change . Mother nature isn't daft you know!. Embrace your grey. Posted by: Angela
I began to to grey at approximately 19 years of age, after dying it on and off as I approached my late twenties I had a young family and had neither the money or time to keep going to have my hair dyed. So I have been grey and proud since.I often get comments about it asking what type of dye do I use and surely I must put something on it. Grey and Proud. x Posted by: Trish
You've really helped me decide! I am 53, have been dying my hair for 25 years and have noticed my scalp through thinning hair for the first time. ive decided to let nature its course and give my purse a rest too! Im worried about regularly applying chemicals. So ill give it a go! Some of my friends are horrified but your photographs are so beautiful Im going for it!! Posted by: Nicki
I recently was ill and all the meds stripped my hair of color. I'm 45 and I had 6 in. of grey. I foolishly colored my hair yesterday and I hate it! I know now I loved the grey, I just needed a new cut to help me transition to a full head of grey. Lesson learned! Thanks for all these pictures, these ladies look beautiful and I know I can do it too! Gonna let this color grow out and get a shorter cut!Posted by: Mary Jo

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