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Advice to anyone considering going grey

- Give it a go. You've got nothing to lose. You can always colour your hair again if you don't like it.- It's a hard journey during the transitioning period but stick with it - it's worth it in the end.- BUY Anne Kreamer's book, 'Going Gray'.- Join 'Gray and Proud' on Facebook. You'll get plenty of support and encouragement from the best friends anyone could ever have. You'll also see so many beautiful women who are from all walks of life and who have grey hair of all shades. You might even get hair style ideas from them! - 'Google' images of the beautiful Yasmina Rossi, Cindy Joseph and Pia Gronning. These models are great ambassadors for grey-haired women and will really inspire you - believe me.- Enjoy the new you - it's a GREAT EMPOWERING FEELING!

We need more grey styles to include in the gallery — please send your images by email to: with the subject line: Grey and Proud would love to hear from you, about letting your hair go grey naturally, the stages you’ve been through and the products you’ve found that work for you… Just fill in the form below and add your comments: Click here to see postsClick here to see posted images