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Advertisers - Listen

I mentioned above how grey-haired women are not used very much in advertising and in the media. The reality is that we are NOT represented.

Since I joined 'Gray and Proud' on Facebook, I have learned that there is a huge number of women who are being ignored by companies in their marketing of products. I think attitudes need to be changed about grey-haired women, ie attitudes in women themselves, society in general, the media, and in the world of beauty/fashion and advertising where trends are set and where influence is created. I am convinced that there are a lot of women who would consider going grey if they could only see how beautiful they could be by the example shown in advertising. Advertising is so powerful and has so much influence on people's attitudes and lives. So, advertisers please listen - we want to see chic and sassy grey-haired models on television, in magazines, in newspapers, on billboards, on the internet, etc!

We grey-haired women have a voice and we matter too!

We need more grey styles to include in the gallery — please send your images by email to: with the subject line: Grey and Proud would love to hear from you, about letting your hair go grey naturally, the stages you’ve been through and the products you’ve found that work for you… Just fill in the form below and add your comments: Click here to see postsClick here to see posted images