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Advantages & Disadvantages of being grey


- I feel a sense of freedom - both internally and externally. - I feel I look more natural. It's funny how, if you let nature do its own thing, everything is harmonious. My eyes, skin and hair match - and, yes, my eyebrows too! - I don't have the burden of having to physically colour my hair every two weeks.- I am not putting chemicals onto my scalp which might not be a healthy thing to do - we don't know what they might be doing to us.- It's free!


- I sometimes miss my lustrous, shiny, rich deep brown natural colour I had when I was younger (although I don't miss the dyed colour). But, I suppose this is really a hankering after my youthful days which we all think about from time to time - a growing older thing.- I miss being able to wear any colour under the sun.- I don't like the way my grey hair gets dry - but I try to deal with that in my hair care products.The advantages for me far outweigh the disadvantages and I will NEVER colour my hair again!

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