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Biography and Latest Hairstyle Collections of Petra Mechurova

Ambassador L‘Oréal Professionnel

Ambassador L‘Oréal Professionnel - Creative Director of the team Haute Coiffure Française for the Czech Republic - H3 Creative Team Member 2009 - Managing Director of the Academy of Salon Petra Mechurova - Czech Hairdresser of the Year 2006 - AIPP Grand Trophy Winner 2009 - Holder of several awards from Czech and Slovak Hairdressing Awards competitions - Creator and Hairdresser at hair and fashion shows in the Czech Republic and abroad


Petra Mechurová has been an internationally renowned hairdresser and the first woman to win the globally acclaimed AIPP GRAND TROPHY award. Her talent and creative attitude have been always visible in her own hair collections that modernly interpret contemporary fashion and styles. This specific approach of hers to fashion and beauty, which is typical with simplicity and emphasizing of detail, has brought her many local and international hairdressing awards and number of invitations to the foremost hairdressing events such as L´Oreal Business Forum, The Alternative Hair Show, Top Hair International, Salon Look International, Mondial Coiffure Beauté and others.

Petra Mechurová has been also continuously setting the hair design trends as the hair studio owner in Prague, founder of a hairdressing academy, Creative Director of Haute Coiffure Française, ambassador of L´Oréal Professionnel or creator of inventive hair designs for magazine covers and hair and fashion shows ranging from Gucci fashion show in Prague, Vivienne Westwood show in Bratislava to events across a whole Europe or rather exotic Dubai, India or Argentina. In her many professional and trend setter roles she creates whole collections, new technologies for coloring, cuts or tutors hairdressers all around the world.

Petra Mechurová creates her own hair collections multiple times a year which allows for contemporary originality and continuously sets new borders for the art of hairdressing. Her proven talent and innovative way of work, both supplemented with years of experience and extraordinary hairdressing abilities, led to collections that were awarded with many prizes and her hair designs flew around the world on more than 40 covers. Petra always aims for finding new ways to approach a respective hair design or a photoshoot and a simple, pure style effortlessly celebrating beauty became her natural trademark.

Over the years her name became well recognized in this area and thus she has been cooperating with the biggest names on fashion collections and adverts photo shootings or prestigious fashion and design events. This allows for picking up the best professionals in their fields to cooperate with and on the other hand internationally renowned top models such as Petra Nemcová, Tatána Kucharová, Helena Houdová and many others keep approaching Petra. She is also no freshman at all to top fashion shows with cooperation with fashion moguls like Dior, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, YSL, Guy Laroche, Freiberg, Armani, Valentino, as well as top Czech fashion designers such as Libena Rochová, Beáta Rajská, Denisa Nová or Natali Ruden and many others.

Petra Mechurová participates each year at various top hair shows which give her another, and quite specific, platform to express herself. Such live shows reveal the creativity, originality and passion of the hairdresser as Petra not only participates at traditional commercial events but creates her very own shows implementing latest technologies and light effects or applying own choreography and cooperation with established artists. Whether inspired by this year collection or by bright new impulsions the respective hair designs evolve into their own live form.

To introduce her own perception and approach to the work Petra doesn't organize only her own shows like introductions of her new collections or the established and creative salon's anniversary show but also regularly performs at other events. Just to name few she has been influencing professional public and wide audiences as the ambassador of L´Oréal Professionnel or as the Creative Director Czech Republic of Haute Coiffure Française. Among her best achievements from performing at various international events she considers Intercoiffure in New Yorku, Mondial Coiffure Beauté in Paris, Top Hair International in Dusseldorf, Salon Look International in Madrid or The Alternative Hair Show in Vienna and in London.

The Academy
Though being the first woman to win the most prestigious AIPP Grand Trophy (2009) Petra never takes the important part to her success off her mind. Possibility to learn, develop herself, gain experience and continuous deepening of her knowledge. Therefore she has decided to set up a place where she as well as the members of her professional team pass their gained experience, new ideas and approaches onto hairdressers and help them to develop their abilities. The Academy of Salon Petra Mechurova covers all the important aspects of the hairdressing job from the very basics like cuts and styling to colors or creative cuts to special seminars where the participants can “peep into the tutor's head” such as photoshooting.

Besides tutoring at her own Academy Petra Mechurová also lectures at various shows and event around the world. And as the ambassador of L´Oréal Professionnel she coaches in the L´Oréal's Professionnel Academy both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Her work inspired L´Oréal Professionnel to create the collection Magic Garden. Petra also participates in developing new collections as the member of H3 L´Oréal Professionnel team in Paris or as the Creative Director Czech Republic of Haute Coiffure Française. Last but not least Petra also decided to influence the widest possible audience including future, fresh hairdressers or professional public through a book Vlasy (Hair) wrapped in a fine design and flourishing with high quality photographs.

Petra Mechurova
Petra Mechurova
Petra Mechurova
Petra Mechurova
Petra Mechurova

Petra Mechurova

Petra Mechurova

Petra Mechurova

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