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Biography of Marion Burns

Childrens Hair Expert

Marion Burns trained as a hairstylist in her native Ireland and worked on fashion shoots with
pop bands in the 80/90's era. She has combined her experience as a hairdresser and a Montessori teacher to create children's cutting and styling techniques which is proved to be a stress free experience and she currently trains other stylists in this field.

Marion's story:

"On moving to London I continued working in the industry getting involved in the styling side of the business working on fashion shoots and with pop bands of that era (80/90s).
When I became a mum I decided train as a Montessori teacher, I thought it might be something I could do at a later date and would give me time with my daughter.

A move to the Cotswolds a few years later gave me the opportunity to put my Montessori skills to the test and I set up my own school there.
I still had a love and passion for hairdressing and once the parents knew I was a hairdresser it was the children's hair they wanted me to cut so I started to use my combined skills to help the already time strapped parents at the school and added a haircutting service to the timetable and it was this strange combination that led to my ultimate choice of specializing in children's hairdressing.

Children's hair can be for hairdressers the least attractive part of their role in salon, even if they love children, when stylists are trained it is on a static model so children present the totally opposite challenge, even for the most accomplished stylist. I developed over time cutting techniques and using my Montessori skills, a language and distraction method to use whilst cutting children's hair, that proved very successful and led to a stress free experience for all involved.

I have had my own salons and have trained many stylists in my employ successfully and this is what prompted me to take it further afield.
I now train other hair stylists the cutting techniques and distraction methods which I have developed over the many years in this specialised field and consult in the set up of independent children's hair salons for clients in the UK and Eire.

When you have a child the last thing you are thinking about is its hair! but as your child grows so does its hair and then mums and dads are left puzzled as to how, where, and who ..can do their hair

(We are all born with 2 fears innate to us .
Fear of falling and fear of loud noises so all other fears i.e. bogey man… monsters food everything else is a learnt fear) So how you approach your child's first hair cut and subsequent visits to a hair stylist is key .
I have had many nightmares stories relayed to me by parents on how some of them have tackled their own children's hair for example…. a mum sharing how she sellotaped her daughters fringe down and then made the mistake of cutting above the sellotape and not below!!!! my amazement started when she mentioned sellotape!!!

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