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Biography of John Frieda

The founding father of modern hair products

"John Frieda is the founding father of modern hair products" - VOGUE

John Frieda's scope of talents, personal drive, and unstoppable creative energy has led him down many paths - all of them successful.

Starting at age 16 as assistant to Leonard, a legendary stylist in Britain's fashion-pulsing 70's, John quickly became an accomplished editorial stylist. It was on the sets of photo shoots with magazines like British Vogue and Harpers & Queen that he faced the challenge of making less-than-perfect models' hair look fabulous in a matter of minutes.

Recognizing that different types of hair, like different types of skin, have unique problems, John began to work with chemists to create "prescriptive" formulas to correct, control and manipulate various types of hair for optimal styling results.

At the same time, he opened his first salon in London, where his elite clientele represented Hollywood, high society and even royalty. In 1988, his first product range, which was geared for the needs of fine, unmanageable hair, debuted in Boots the Chemist as the John Frieda Signature Line and its key product, Thickening Lotion, was an overnight success. The following year, his prodigious talents were confirmed when he was named "Hairdresser of the Year".

After teaming up with marketing maven, Gail Federici, to create John Frieda Professional Care, Inc. John started on his second product range, Frizz-EaseŽ hair care. It began with the enormously successful and highly innovative Hair Serum and quickly grew into the number one selling line for the unique needs of dry, frizz-prone hair.

Since then, his "prescriptive philosophy" has been applied to the care and styling needs of red, brunette and blonde hair types as well.

Clearly, the always-pushing forward John Frieda took his father's advice, "the harder you work, the luckier you get" to heart, as his success can be seen both in the salon and in the hair care aisles of shops worldwide. After almost four decades in the business one thing stands true: "Nobody knows hair like John Frieda".

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