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Tracey Devine

Tracey is one of Scotlandís most supremely talented hairdressers. Her awards include four back-to-back victories as Scottish Hairdresser of the Year from 2006/7 to 2009/10, quickly followed by winning British Menís Hairdresser of the Year 2012. In 2013 she was a finalist for both British Colour Technician of the Year and British Afro Hairdresser of...

Debbie asks:
Ive been dying my own hair dark brown/ almost black for 6 years. My natural colour is a dark ginger. I recently went to my local hairdressers hoping to go a few shades lighter.

The hairdresser carried out a strand test, she cut a small section of hair away and said she would let me know the results later that day. She then txt me that night to say my hair had reacted with the product they use causing allot of heat off the bowel and the hair to break up. She said she could not risk stripping or dying my hair.

What are my options then? Ive been using home box dyes for years.

Im desperate to get rid of the black.

Tracey DevineAnswered By:
Tracey Devine
Hi Debbie,

It sounds like you are going to have a tough time, you will get there in the end. You donít mention the condition of your hair, this is the key element in how your hair is going to react. It could be that your hair was having a reaction with an individual product that the chosen stylist was using rather than this is how it going to react again. I would really recommend that you leave this to the professionals, you need to do things in very gradual stages, there are many different products that salons can now use with amazing effects but you must be patient and be prepared to work towards the result you are hoping for. In the mean time get your hair into really good condition and strengthen it on the inside, a good conditioning treatment is important and making sure that you eat the hair superfoods such as avocado, eggs, salmon and walnuts.

Tilly asks:
How will I know if a pixie style haircut will suit me?

Tracey DevineAnswered By:
Tracey Devine
Hi Tilly,

pixie hairstyles are great, they are iconic, easy to maintain and best of all there are many versions of a pixie which can be adapted to suit different face shapes. Take a look at this article for some inspiration and then I would recommend that you visit a hair salon that you know are professionals and have plenty of experience, after a good consultation they should be able to guide you towards your perfect pixie crop. ...More >

Emily asks:
Hey :)
I bleached my hair and went turquoise over a month ago. Now itís faded to a mint/blue colour with super faded yellow/green roots and a murky blonde/green colour where the dye didnít hold. Iíve tried bleaching it again to remove to colour a bit but it hasnít budged at all. I used the strongest bleach available too.
I wish to go either blue or lavender next but the green wonít come out.
Any advice on what I can do?

Tracey DevineAnswered By:
Tracey Devine
Hi Emily,
Sounds like you have been having fun with your hair! As a professional hairdresser I feel that I have to advice you that at the level of colour correction you are now at, you really must visit a professional to help you. Bleach is a powerful and damaging chemical to use regularly on your hair and will cause your hair to physically break off. If you would like to go blue or lavender in the future I would recommend temporary colours that you can test on small strands of your hair to make sure you get even results before applying it all over.

Good luck

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