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Kala Kilshaw

As a hairdresser that has been designing professional styling appliances for nearly 15 years, Kala focusses on functionality that delivers kind, caring heat with amazing results. This is achieved because each tools componentry is infused with carefully sourced minerals that have natural care enhancing properties. Ego PROFESSIONAL uses technology in...

Kiera asks:
Hi guys, Iím thinking about dying my hair red in the near future and was just wondering if I should bleach my hair first as it is almost black ( naturally ) I know it says on the boxes of home dye kits that they are not suitable for bleached or natural blonde hair. I have tried dying my hair red in the past without bleaching first using home kits and the red didnít even touch my hair.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Its is important to bleach or pre lighten the hair to the correct undertone in order for the red you choose to be vibrant and long lasting. This usually means lifting the hair to a red/ orange colour before shampooing to remove, blowdrying then applying the desired red.

Itís a pretty tricky process to do evenly and so I would always recommended you ask a stylist for details if cost is an issue then ask if there is a trainee stylist available that needs to practice. Good after care is also essential to keep the red vibrant and long lasting!!!

Lacey asks:
Im getting married in 2 days I went to my usual hair dresser this morning, I had no doubts what so ever they usual do a great job.

Iím blonde with dark regrowth.

I got a full head if foils and she asked if I like it ashy or creamy I said I think creamy After toner I sat down and as she dried it, it turned out dark dark dark purple all over. I cried so she put me back a sink and stripped the purple now my hair is orange on top and grey on ends Its extremely dry now

What can I do?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Lacey

Iím so sorry that your having such a drama just a couple of days before your wedding! ...More >

So I suggest you ask her to reapply a blue based toner something on a level 10 or 11 mixed with 6% developer apply to the orange areas and comb through after about 10 mins the orange should be neutralized and be ready to rinse off.

You need a protein porosity equalizer sprayed on the rest of the hair and then a teaspoon of bleach power 20 mls of 3% developer and 20mls of warm water this needs to be applied to the ends of the hair again should only need to be 10 mins maximum 20 mins.

Then shampoo and a treatment masque applied with a plastic cap under heat for 20 mins, rinse out then apply a toner with 3% developer equal parts warm water I would suggest a natural or beige toner on level 10 or 11 again for only 10 mins. Rinse, shampoo then apply another treatment under heat with plastic cap for 20 mins.

That should restore you back to a creamy blonde in time for the big day and make your hair feel fabulous again.

Good luck and enjoy your special day x x

Faye perry asks:
Iíve currently got full head bleach highlights I want to go to all over dark ash blonde what colour can I use so my hair doesnít go green?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
I would always suggest re colouring on this level to be done at a salon. If the desired result is more than 2 shades darker than what you are currently and the salons not an option use a warm base, so something with a G or 3 on the end one shade lighter than you want to be. Apply it all over mixed with half water and half of the developer it comes with leave 20 mins before shampooing out and re drying. Then apply the desired shade the warm undertones you previously applied will act as a filler or pre pigment formula and prevent unwanted green or really cool base.

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